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Comics on Comics Episode 10 : Mark Sable Part 1

Written by: Joey Esposito, Special to CC2K

ImageIn our titanic tenth episode, Comics on Comics enters the Batcave at Dream World Comics for a show too massive to contain in a mere 60 minutes! Host Juan-Manuel Rocha welcomes comic writer, Mark Sable (Two-Face: Year One, Cyborg, Hazed), Sax Carr (UCB’s Tournament of Nerds), Dave Hanson (Gamers) and Bob Peterson (CC2K) for another round of comics and comedy!


In the first part of this special two part episode, our panel examines whether the proposed Wonder Woman film should return to the sexual overtones that permeated her original comics, takes a look at the twin cancellations of Spider-Girl and Manhunter, debates the Don Cheadle-for-Terrence Howard swap in the upcoming Iron Man 2, considers Marvel’s new web comic initiative and looks back on some of Mark Sable’s earliest comic projects …


Medium and high quality downloads of this episode are available on iTunes.