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Comics on Comics Episode 9: Richard Starkings

Written by: Joey Esposito, Special to CC2K

'In our neogenic ninth episode, Comics on Comics returns to The Comic Bug with Comicraft’s Richard Starkings (Elephantmen) as he joins comedians Boris Hamilton (Late Night With Conan O’Brien), Ron McGehee (Last Comic Standing 2) and Ed Salazar (UCB’s Tournament of Nerds) for another unforgettable night of comics and comedy!

Host Robbie Peron leads the panel through an in-depth examination of the debate between Robert Kirkman and Brian Michael Bendis over work-for-hire comics vs creator-owned comics, DC’s decision to pulp All-Star Batman #10 and Action Comics #869, the proposed Graysons TV series, Stephen Colbert’s team up with Spider-Man, the decline of Wizard Magazine, Marvel Zombies 3 and a look back at Starkings’ storied career in comics, along with a glimpse of his future projects …'

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Courtesy of Comics on Comics