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Crazy About a Silver Fox: One Woman’s Love for Anderson Cooper

Written by: Keisha Woods, Special to CC2K

ImageAh, the news. It’s the type of programming you watch with hesitation because you never know what the content will produce. Whether it’s local, national, or even international, the information being exchanged is ever-changing and ever-emotional. What’s not so changing are the journalists doing the reporting. Sure their outfits and location may change, but certainly not their look. If you are like me, you commit to one local news channel to provide you with what you feel is 100% truth. Weather, traffic, community news, it doesn’t matter. To up the ante, add in that favorite reporter whom you wouldn’t mind an occasional romp or two with and you’re adding the program to your DVR roster. This is exactly what I have done.

Someone who I trust to the point where I’d share my food—among other things—is CNN’s Anderson Cooper. There I said it. And now I have to tell you why.  It’s only right.

The pseudonym. Say what you want, but the nickname Silver Fox scores major cool points. Despite the fact that it was chosen for him with his salty crop in mind, he wears the tag quite well—so much so that I bet it never occurred to him that it’s also the perfect stage name for someone in the porn industry. Couldn’t you see the name Silver Fox associated with a semi-perfect naughty image on a DVD cover with scantily clad women engaging in oral copulation? Or perhaps in a lounge featuring a male stripper by the same name donning nothing but his skivvies while dancing to a mid-tempo beat? I’m even willing to bet that it makes for great naughty talk when you say things like, “there’s a silver fox in my bush,” or “I just gotta call from my silver fox and he’s on his way over.” Sounds great, right?

The passport. I love a well-traveled man. The kind of traveling that doesn’t always provide you with five star amenities but one in which the experience gained and the work performed proves to be more rewarding. You see it’s not enough for Anderson to report on an event from the Anderson Cooper 360 studios. That’s passé. He has to physically be on the scene. Case in point: a few weeks ago I saw him on the Help for Haiti Global Benefit telethon. Wearing only a black tee and denim jeans, he spoke on the tragic events surrounding the earthquake while asking for monetary contributions.  He even showcased his bilingual abilities when he began speaking in Creole to the five-year-old boy that was rescued from the debris.  Hmm, I wonder how many pledges came through during that particular segment, which was followed by a performance from Haitian artist Wyclef Jean in which he gave Anderson credit for his efforts. More cool points…all I’m saying.

The connection. With fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt as a mother, Anderson Cooper should be able to make any post dated look trendy. Using his own creativity as opposed to his mom’s credentials, Anderson made his own press pass and was given the green light to cover wars in countries such as Somalia, Bosnia, and Rwanda.  This is how Anderson and I met, true story.  I’m not too sure if most high schools participated in Channel One News, but my school did. Every morning in homeroom, we were required to watch this program in which student reporting was taken to the next level. From Monday through Friday, we watched Anderson Cooper alongside Lisa Ling report on from both local and global standpoints. Many of my friends, myself included, majored in communications thanks to Channel One.  Oh and for the record, a lazy man would have bypassed the hustler’s instinct and asked his famous mom for the gateway into the industry, but not Anderson.

Without a doubt, I represent team Anderson.  He’s ranked in a category of men on TV who I refer to as “sexual scholars”—the type of carnal attraction that requires many hours of observation before attempting to acquire any carnal knowledge, at best.  But you don’t have to agree with me: the less you find Anderson Cooper attractive, the more that’s left to my own imaginative delight!