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Dark Horse is Turning Back the Clock on TimeCop

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: IESB

OK, so I'll admit it.  I was a HUGE Jean Claude Van Damme fan when I was a kid.   I loved the high-octane, steroid-infused action movies of the 80's , and Van Damme's work was no exception.  Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Universal Soldier, and yes, Timecop were all great flicks (at least at the time I thought so, now they're probably guilty pleasures at best).

I would never have thought that any of them would be worthy of a remake, but I guess nothing is out of bounds for Hollywood these days, because IESB is reporting that Dark Horse Entertainment and Universal are potentially teaming up to reboot one of Van Damme's most successful films.

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At least Timecop is one of the more interesting movies Van Damme made.  It centered on a cop who works on a task force that polices the new technology of time travel.  Seems those with a criminal mindset aren't averse to taking advantage of time travel for their own profit.  One rather cool scene has a single man standing in a road while a horse-drawn wagon approaches.  The lone man pulls a couple Uzi's out and blows aways the stagehands, opening the wagon to reveal (and steal) its large cache of gold.

Mike Richardson (who created the original) is actually involved with the proposed reboot, and mentioned to IESB that he's discussing with Universal who should take on the role of the new Timecop.  While they know of an actor who is being considered, they're keeping quiet and only describe him as "100% bad ass and one of the coolest action stars of today."

My guess is Jason Statham, which I think would be pretty cool.  Sound off on who YOU think should take up the role (or if they should even remake this movie) in the forums!