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DC Comics SPECIAL: Pull List for Sept 7, 2011

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Each week we build up our comic book pile. Some of us save our favorite titles for last while others cannot wait to get their fix. DC comics put out a lot of #1’s this week. Let CC2K save you a few dollars by telling you which one’s rock and which blow. Here is September 7th, 2011’s “DC comics PULL LIST.”


Animal Man #1

With the past few months of hints, teases, and previews Animal Man was the 1st New DC title I knew I was going to pick up. The cover alone is gripping. Jeff Lemire’s story starts out a little dry but stick with it because the ending was one of the creepiest i’ve read this year.

Animal Man has retired from the hero biz and has been concentrating on things like his family, working on films, and what keeping his wife happy. His family life seems ordinary, his youngest daughter wants a new pet (but can’t because of Animal Man’s powers), his son still wishes his dad was a superhero, and Ellen, his wife feels like they are kind of in a rut. Lemire’s script with the family is a little sitcome like. But after what seems to be no time at all Buddy is back out on the prowl. His first mission: stopping a grief driven father from killing children at a hospital. The art here goes nuts. Travel Foreman’s artwork at first was a little dull, the kitchen where the family interacts is empty, there is a lack of personality. The minute the action starts and Buddy kicks in his powers the art direction goes crazy and this book jumps out at you. Animal saves the day but everyone notices something wrong with Buddy’s eyes, they are pouring blood. He gets checked out and heads home only to fall asleep and have one of the most wildest dreams ever drawn in a comic book. I won’t go on and spoil anything else. You need to do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this book. Jeff Lemire’s story shows true promise and will forever change the Animal Man character.

4.0 out of 5.0


Batgirl #1

Ah Gail Simone, it’s like whatever she writes turns to gold. Though the original Batgirl, for years now Barbara Gordon was a paraplegic superhero named Oracle. Fighting crime using computers, being a role model for thousands, and showing how what once was her crutch is now one of her biggest strengths. Well that’s all changed now within the new DC universe; B.G. is walking again and has taken back the mantel of Batgirl. But, don’t worry you continuity nuts, the Joker still shot her. Gail’s script was superb. She brings back Gordon’s charm and sets the story three years after being shot by the Joker. She was bound by a wheelchair but with surgery and training is now able to walk again.

The story is about Barbara’s first week back being Batgirl. She’s more involved with stoping home invasions (because that’s what happened to her). Her character is fun, hopeful, and a lot younger sounding then she has been. There are hints that within her past three years she’s learned a few tricks (this is how Simone is keeping Oracle around?) but she still has a major crutch to get over. Guns, Barbara is frightened of them. Gail Simone brings a very human trait into this superheroine comic. Her crutch gets someone killed and shows us that Batgirl might not have the confidence and strength to be back in the field. Ardian Syaf’s pencils are very poppy and inker Vicente Cifuentes shadows really bring the essense out of this title. It’s a down right perfect balance of art and word. This is the #1 all comics should strive to be. A very welcoming new title DC. Great job!

4.5 out of 5.0


So the next book is basically an origins book that takes place in the 1st few years of the new DC universe. They change the character’s motives, personalities, and some of their choices. It’s entertaining and unlike last weeks Justice League #1 the book really flows and the story actually goes somewhere. Read on.


Action Comics #1

Action Comics is where we will see the new Origin of Superman or at least the “Smallville Years.” A lot of people have gripes with DC’s new Superman costume: He’s wearing boots, jeans, and a t-shirt. Guess what folks Clark is a farmer. I’m a lucky man married to an amazing Midwestern woman, my in-laws are farmers. Guess what my father-in-law wears: boots, jeans, and a t-shirt. Moving on. Grant Morrison has the keys to this title and it’s just non stop action. Bad guys vs. young Superman, US army vs. young Superman, Luthor vs. young Superman,etc you get the idea. We see a late teen early 20s Clark living in Metropolis working for the daily planet’s rival paper. He’s friends with Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane relatively isn’t even in the picture. Young Superman’s attitude is brash and is filled with this type of “i’m better than you” confidence. He has this sort of Spider-Man-esq dialogue when talking to the villains:

“You know the deal, Metropolis. Treat people right or expect a visit from me.” “How about you and your boys deal with the ‘real’ criminal scum in this city, and then you won’t need me to do it for you?”

Supes bullies the bad guys in order to get his way. Very adolescent or Batman like. This is almost an elseworlds take on a young Supes. However, I really like it. Morrison also incorporates his All-Star Superman Clark disguise in this title. The minute Kal El becomes Clark Kent his hair becomes messy, his clothes overly baggy and he pops on those glasses. Rags Morales really does change Supes and Kent’s looks. The non stop action is wild, Morales really gives us his all in this book. It’s just beautifully detailed and he really brings to life Super-man’s mannerisms, from his constant smile to his scary red eyes. Great title.

4.0 out of 5.0

There you have it. Other books worth checking out this week are StormWatch #1 and Detective Comics #1 (not much Batman but lots of Joker). I’d keep clear of Green Arrow #1, DC failed with this. He’s too young looking, they lost the charm of the character and the books story was subpar. Other then that DC you put out a great bunch of titles this week!