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Deforesters :: Self-Titled :: Black Numbers

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Deforesters :: Self-Titled :: Black Numbers


I decided that in succession each song is my favorite, every time I was taking notes I was convinced that that song was my favorite song, until the next one came on.  This self-titled EP has a cool balance of gruff vocals and a great pop sensibility, both of the elements coming through clearly yet one never overtakes the other.


This EP starts out with A Song For The Reptoids Of Denver International Airport To Sing, which kind of crosses between rock, punk, pop, and folk to create this song that will just get stuck in your head for days…and days.


Aether Theories builds on the first track, the hooks are even better, can something be more hooky but less catchy? This also has with one of the greatest choruses I have heard, “I drank way too much / sorry shit got weird / but we both feel same / fuck the world that brought us here”. It is a love song for the rest of us, the ones who fuck up a bit, but we mean well. Oh, and did I mention the super sweet sing along section that closes out the slong?


Air Out Your Stinkables is a bit slower and smoother, yet still catchy. It is a bit more insightful, “The whiskey in your coffee tells the secrets that you hide” and  “Despite everything we lost along the way / there is no answer if you don’t believe in fate / it’s too far gone to be objective at this stage / and maybe now it’s time we go our separate ways / and that’s okay.” This one might Really be my favorite, I think, if the other two aren’t. Dammit. They are all so solid.


Baroque Obama has faster yet a bit more desperate sound than the previous tracks, from the vocals to the almost metal guitars. This one will really get a pit moving, even when they grasp the heavy lyrics.

This album has heart and soul and piss and vinegar. The vocals are not screaming or strained, but instead drip with experience, emotion, regret, and acceptance. You will be singing along to heartbreak through the whole EP.

Stream A Song For The Reptoids Of Denver International Airport To Sing. You’ll totally love it.