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E3 Expo’11 : Sony

Written by: Corey Bonanno, Special to CC2K

Kevin Butler a no show?  The new Sony portable at a 3DS cost?  A brief/dumb apology for the PSN outage?  Join me, Corey Bonanno, on an adventure of rambled run-on sentences of all that went down in the Sony E3 Press Conference and all the biggest upcoming games, trailers, and demos. (all of this was written as events took place during the press conference, so take it like a twitter feed.)
Mass Effect 3: Demo As a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, i have to say i felt a little underwhelmed by the trailer showed at EA’s Conference.  Mass Effect 3 did however get a release date, 3-6-12.  Still one of my most anticipated games this show, I know it will be amazing…better be amazing.
Tomb Raider: Demo I can’t say enough about how this re-boot is everything I’ve ever wanted from, Tomb Raider.  Not an action-game so much as a survival horror.  Brutal environments, limited HUD, Physical damage, and realistic grit.  The puzzles are pretty intuitive as well, not so much as ridiculous as they used to be, but now they seem to be more on the side of plausible concepts.  The voice acting in reaction to what happens around her and to her is scary good and slightly unsettling.
Call of Duty: MW3: Demo Yet another installment to the COD Franchise, but I’ve got to say, knowing full well it won’t be anything really new, the concept of WWIII has me very interested in where they will take things.  The Demo took you through the tunnels of flooded New York City, aboard a Russian Sub, and then through an impressive set piece escape aboard a dingy.  The Escape Showed just how full-scale the conflict was.  Very Cool, looking forward to it
Battlefield 3: Demo At this point it could be MW3 of Battlefield 3 who could have the throne as best military FPS franchise.  Every time I see more Battlefield 3, I get to thinking, Call of Duty might be in trouble.  Can’t wait to see more.
Dark Souls: Trailer I am a massive fan of Demon’s Souls, I can’t wait to get absolutely pummeled in this spiritual successor.  *Spoiler* Pretty sure the trailer ends with, the Maiden in Black, rising from the ground.  Pumped.
Farcry 3: Demo Absolutely impressive, didn’t see it coming.  It was Ubisoft’s sneak attack announcement and the Demo was something special.  Keep an eye out folks, this one could be quite a contender
Rocksmith: Trailer I really love the idea of this, instead of plunking your fingers on buttons, you actually play a guitar that is hooked up to the system, but who wants another music game?  If only I hadn’t sold my guitar.
Assassins Creed Revelations: Demo As expected, Ezio, is back, but this time around he is a much older weather worn man.  The Demo looked like the same ol’ thing, but you know you want to play it.  So far it has the best cinematic trailer in show.
Favorite Announcement of the Show: Hitman Absolution It has been far too long 47, there is one very short teaser.
SONY Press Conference: Jack Tretton starts out with an immediate apology as expected, seems pretty humble, Cinema Now, and MLB TV will be added, oh, and the Welcome Back Program, what a load malarkey.
Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception: Demo. Just as wonderfully cinematic as ever, the demo takes place in bowels of a ship, that of course Drake somehow sets in to motion a hull breach, very exciting.  Its more Uncharted, what do you want?   Nonchalant mass murder with a heart of gold.  Goddamn I can’t wait!
Resistance 3: Demo Years after the end of the second title, the story now follows Capelli, Nathan Hale’s old squad buddy, as he makes his way across the United States to New York City.  Another one of my most anticipated games, the demo was a bit, meh.  The graphics seemed a little dull and the action was a bit stale, sadly.  That aside look forward to more to come from Resistance 3 and hopefully something a little more exciting than the E3 Demo.
Team Ico Collection Who doesn’t want Ico and especially, Shadow of the Colossus, in HD.  Please.
NBA 2K12: Demo Great, they bring out Kobe “the rapist” Bryant to show off the Demo, he didn’t know how to play.  MEH.
SLY 4:  Thieves in Time: Trailer Looks like a fun little romp, Sly style games I think have had their time, but I trust the studio behind it to go forward with the times
Dust 514: Trailer Interesting exclusive, intergalactic MMO with FPS properties, by the people who created EVE Online
Bioshock: Infinite: Trailer Super pumped for this game, loved Bioshock one and I’m happy they are taking it a new direction.  Its kind of a love story, in the sky, and on a blimp city full of crazies, more please.  I love alternate histories.  Anticipate, anticipate, and anticipate.  “Bio-double-shock”,  NGP title announced.
Playstation Suite A giant connection between many devices including tablets and Android phones, interesting and creepy.–QnZkRnw
“NGP” Playstation Vita A list of features as spoken “Vita means life” multi-touch pads, front and rear cameras, dual control sticks, Wifi, and 3G wifi, Social Networking, partnering with AT&T (which is a huge shock as Sony has been mainly working with Verizon), live voice chat, Trophy syncing.  The graphics look great!   $249.99 for Wifi and $299.99 for Wifi/3G.  Holy crap that is a pretty good deal, 3DS vs PSVIta.  Round 1. Fight!
Uncharted: Golden Abyss: PSVita: Demo Impressive graphics, I love that you can use the touch screen or the control buttons and sticks if you want to. The presentation of the hardware is really quite brilliant.  A “painting edges” technique has been added to draw out paths for Drake as he traverses and climbs walls in the game.  The guy doing the demo is a very heavy breather, incase you were wondering.
Ruin: Demo: PS3/PSVita Action based RPG,  also a heavy breather.  Looks a lot  like a, Diablo style layout, but what’s interesting is that it is strongly dependent on social networks, it can be used on both the PSVita and the PS3 as well as social sites such as Twitter and facebook. Must be tough to publicly speak to such a large crowd, little bit of panic in the voice.  Seamless transfer to the PS3 through cloud saves, very cool concept.
ModNation: PSVita New ModNation Racers, with easier track editing and building using the touch screen and controls.  The Screen seems very precise and responsive.  The dynamic lighting of the, Vita system is pretty damn cool.
LBP PSVita New Little BIg Planet.  Cool shit, but not surprising.
Super Street Fight X Tekken: PSVita Demo Going to be on both the PS3 and the PSVita,  you know what it is about, you know you want to play it.  Interesting bonus Character, Cole from Infamous, pretty slick Sony.  Cole, looked way to beefy, probably to keep up with the style of the franchise, good fun. Well, thats about all I could fit in for today’s E3 report.  There Should be several game trailers.  Please enjoy!