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Ep. #030 The ‘PREVIEWS’ Party Podcast

Written by: Fanboy Comics

Welcome to The PREVIEWS Party Podcast! Covering the August 2015 issue of PREVIEWS magazine from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., Fanboy Comics’ panel examines the upcoming comics, graphic novels, and other merchandise that will be available in stores nationwide and explains the importance of pre-ordering and its effect on the comic book industry as a whole.

Are you unfamiliar with PREVIEWS or the pre-order process used by comic book stores? Please see our helpful guide below to better understand what PREVIEWS is and how it can best be used to find the comics, graphic novels, and merchandise that will be on sale in the coming months.

In this month’s episode, we chat with PREVIEWSworld Editor Vince Brusio about the importance of Kids’ Comics Month and how fans can catch up on all the news from last month’s San Diego Comic-Con. In addition, we are joined by Jeremy Melloul, who is creating a new podcast to help comic creators launch successful Kickstarters as well as running his own site covering the business side of comics. The Fanboy Comics panel also breaks down the exciting releases (scheduled to hit stores in September) from a variety of publishers and manufacturers, including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Image, Archaia, BOOM! Studios, DC Collectibles, NECA, and more!


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Cast members: Jason Enright, Scott Rubin, Barbra Dillon, and Bryant Dillon

Special guest: Jeremy Melloul



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A Helpful Guide to PREVIEWS (Courtesy of the Diamond Comic Distribution website):


PREVIEWS is Diamond’s monthly mag-a-log (catalog and magazine) of comic books, graphic novels and other pop culture merchandise which is on sale every month in comic book shops nationwide. Each month, PREVIEWS includes listings for almost every comic book scheduled to be on sale, approximately two months in the future. You’ll find complete descriptions of each upcoming issue, how much they will cost, thier format and other points of interest. PREVIEWS also provides information on other merchandise, too, including toys, books, games, videos and much more.

How can I buy the merchandise featured in Previews?

You can order any item you see in PREVIEWS! Every item is available from your local shop and will be in their store beginning in approximately two months time. You can go to your local comic book specialty store and request a copy of the Customer Order Form when you buy the printed PREVIEWS catalog — the store will pre-order the item(s) just for you! In addition, many shops operate a “Pull and Hold” subscription service whereby they will regularly order your monthly comic books and hold them for you to pick up later. Check with your local comics shop for more details!

If you would like to find a comic shop in your area, please visit the Comic Shop Locator Service online. You’ll be provided with contact information for comic shops in your area.

How can I find a comic book shop near me?

Diamond operates the Comic Shop Locator Service (CSLS) website, an innovative tool that allows consumers to find comic book shops in their area allows users to enter their ZIP code into a graphical interface, which then rewards them with detailed information on the stores closest to their location.

Fans can also dial the toll-free number — (888) COMIC-BOOK (266-4226) — and enter their ZIP code into the CSLS’s touch-tone interface to receive information on shops nearby.


A Helpful Guide to This Month’s Episode

Are you interested in finding the comic books, graphic novels, and merchandise discussed on this month’s podcast? Please refer to the notes below to find the items in which you are interested, listed by publisher.

DC Comics

Pg. 112 – Detective Comics #45 by Peter J. Tomasi (W) and Marcio Takara (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0236
Pg. 133 – The Twilight Children #1 of 4 – Pg. 133 – by Gilbert Hernandez (W) & Darwyn Cooke (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0282

Pg. 134 – Survivors Club #1 – Pg. 134 – Lauren Beukes/Dale Halvorsen (W) & Ryan Kelly (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0283
Pg. 135 – Clean Room #1 – Page #135 – Gail Simone (W) Jon Davis-Hunt (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0284


Marvel Pg. 30 – Angela: Queen of Hel #1 – Marguerite Bennett (W) Kim Jacinto and Stephanie Hans (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0715
Marvel Pg. 31 – Blade #1 by Tim Seely (W) and Logan Faerber (A)
Marvel Pg. 40 – Guardians of the Galaxy #1 by Brian Michael Bendis (W) & Valerio Schiti (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0760
Marvel Pg. 72 – Chewbacca #1 – Gerry Duggan (W) and Phil Noto (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0855
Marvel Pg. 117 – Star Wars: Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka (W) and Marco Checchetto (Pencils)

Dark Horse

Pg. 48 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #20 by Christos Gage (W), Megan Levens (A), and Dan Jackson (Cover)
Pg. 57 – Neverboy TPB – Shaun Simon (W), Tyler Jenkins (A), Kelly Fitzpatrick (C), and Conor Nolan (Cover)
Pg. 65 – Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen – Corinna Bechko (W) Randy Green (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0068
Pg. 66 EVE: Valkyrie #1 of 4 – Brian Wood (W) & Eduardo Francisco (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0069


Pg. 152 – Back to the Future #1 – Bob Gale, John Barner, and Erik Burnham (W), Bren Schoonover and Dan Schoening (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0320
Pg. 160 – Star Trek #50 – Page 160 – Mike Johnson (W) Tony Shasteen (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0350
Pg. 165 Transformers: Redemption – John Barber (W) & Livio Ramondelli (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0068
Pg. 171 – D4VE2 # 2 of 4 – Ryan Ferrier (W) and Valentin Ramon (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0396
Pg. 185 – Angel: Season Six, Vol.1 – Joss Whedon, Bryan Lynch (W), Franco Urru, Tim Kane, David Messina, Stephen Mooney, Nick Runge, Fabio Montovani, Kevyn Schmidt, Mirco Pierfederici (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0460


Pg. 188 – I Hate Fairyland #1 – Skottie Young (W/A/Cover) and Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Colors) – Order Code: AUG15 0474
Pg. 192 Paper Girls #1 – Brian K. Vaughn (W) & Cliff Chiang & Matt Wilson (A) – Order Code: AUG15 476
Pg. 196 Axcend #1 – Shane Davis (W) & Shane Davis/Michelle Delecki/Morry Hollowell (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0477

Pg. 213 Invincible #124 – Robert Kirkman (W) & Ryan Ottley (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0068
Pg. #219 – Black Magic #1- Greg Rucka (W) Nicola Scott (A) – Order Code: AUG15 0553


Pg. 263 – Broken Moon #2 Steve Niles (W), Nat Jones (A/C) – Order Code: AUG15 0992
Pg. 290 X’ed #1 – Tony Patrick (W) & Ayhan Hayrula (A) – Order Code: AUG15 1180
Pg. 300 Iscariot HC – S.M. Vidaurri (W,A) – Order Code: AUG15 1205
Pg. 314 Deep Space Tragedy #1 of 4 by Mike Wagganer (W) & Mike Wagganer/Moisely Fernandez (A) – Order Code: AUG15 1296

Pg. 370 – The Mallrats Companion TPB – Various – Order Code: AUG15 1536


Pg. 143 Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn Deluxe Statue (with hyenas!) 15” $425
Pg. 144-5 BvSDoJ Batman, Superman Statues 10.5/14” $150
Pg. 147 Green Arrow/Black Canary Statue by Cliff Chiang. 12” $250
Pg. 148 Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Superman/Batman 2-Pack. 7.25/3.5” $40
Pg. 149 Icons Figures Superman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, Atomica. 6” $25, $30 Atomica
Pg. 150 Batman Arkham Knight Azrael, Professor Pyg, Man-Bat. 6.75-7” $25
Pg. 508 JL Animated Femme Fatales Wonder Woman PVC Statue. 9” $45
Pg. 508 Batman Classic TV Batusi Batman Resin Bust. 6” $60
Pg. 509 iZombie TV Liv Moore Action Figure. 7” $20
Pg. 536 Gentle Giant DC Super Powers Green Arrow Jumbo Action Figure. $90
Pg. 556 TriForce Batman Arkham Origins Cowl Full-Scale Replica. 26”, 35 lbs, $850
Pg. 562 Kotobukiya Red Hood ARTFX+ 1/10 Statue. $55
Pg. 562 Kotobukiya Flash ARTFX 1/6 Statue. $120
Pg. 581 Medicom RAH Flashpoint Batman, Red Son Superman. $200 ea
Pg. 598 Icon Heroes TV Flash, Arrow, Atom Statue Paperweights. $50 ea

Pg. 477 Marvel Fact Files Cosmic Special Rocket Raccoon. 3” $33
Pg. 477 Marvel Fact Files Hawkeye. 5” $33
Pg. 478 Marvel Chess Collection Gambit, Sabretooth. $17 ea
Pg. 511 DST Marvel Premier Collection Wolverine Resin Statue. 9” $200
Pg. 511 Marvel Minimates Series 64 Secret Wars: Iron Man 2020/Ultron, Old Man Logan/Maestro Hulk, Captain Marvel/Thor, Dazzler/Howard the Duck. $10ea
Pg. 545 Gentle Giant Secret Wars Captain America Jumbo Action Figure. $90
Pg. 563 Kotobukiya Marvel Now Magneto ARTFX+ 1/10 Statue. $60


Pg. 233 Nailbiter “Murder Store” T-Shirt $25
Pg. 236 The Walking Dead TV Series 8 Figures Bob, Dale, Morgan, Eugene, Rick
Pg. 236 The Walking Dead TV Morgan & Impaled Walker Deluxe Box
Pg. 236 The Walking Dead TV 10” Michonne
Pg. 329 Women of Dynamite Jungle Girl Statue by Frank Cho. 12” $190
Pg. 458 Great Showdowns: The Revenge by Scott C $15
Pg. 464 Game of Thrones Lionclaw/Booklet, Three-Eyed Raven/Booklet. $13ea
Pg. 476 The Walking Dead Collector’s Models Water Walker, Tyreese Williams. $20ea
Pg. 476 Hobbit Collector’s Models Bilbo Baggins, Azog the Defiler. $16.50 ea
Pg. 478 Star Trek Starships Collection Saber Class, Romulan BoP, Borg Tact. Cube. $20ea
Pg. 509 Aliens Warrior Ceramic Cookie Jar. 12” $45
Pg. 510 Predator Minimates: Dutch/Unmasked Predator, Dillon/Masked Predator, Harrigan/City Hunter Predator, Mud Covered Dutch/War Cry Predator. $10ea
Pg. 533 Warpo Legends of Cthulhu 12” Cthulhu. 80
Pg. 534 Warpo Legends of Cthulhu Collector’s Set: box, playset, color/activity book, patch, letter, ring, stickers, poster, pin. $40 Pg. 542 – Reaction: Jaws Figures
Pg. 548 – NECA ‘Aliens’ Series 5 Action Figures
Pg. 548 – NECA ‘Predators’ Series 14 Action Figures
Pg. 558 – ‘Aliens’ Colonial Marines Dog Tag Replicas
Pg. 566-7 Big Chief Studios Doctor Who 1/6 figures, dynamix figures, statues
Pg. 602 – Marvel Heroes: S.H.I.E.L.D. Venom Containment Unit Lava Lamp