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Fanboy Comics Review: Nick Cardy: The Artist at War

Written by: Fanboy Comics

Nick Cardy army photoFanboy Comics‘ Barbra Dillon reviews Nick Cardy: The Artist at War, the latest from Titan Books.

DC Comics fans will easily know the name Nick Cardy.  The prolific illustrator, designer, and comic book artist has been drawing for his entire life, with contributions to Apocalypse Now, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and the Teen Titans to name a few.  While fans best know Cardy for his decades-long association with DC Comics, readers will soon be able to enjoy his most profound, personal, and never-before-seen creations in Nick Cardy: The Artist at War.

Published by Titan Books in association with Evan Ink Publishing, Nick Cardy: The Artist at War chronicles Cardy’s life while serving in the military during World War II.  During his time of service (when he had only recently started his artistic career in comics at Eisner & Iger), Cardy captured his experiences, thoughts, and feelings about the war in a pocket-sized notebook.  Page after page, he illustrated the events surrounding him through pencil, pen, and watercolor, from the restful moments in the mess tent to intense surgeries performed on recently wounded soldiers.  In The Artist at War, readers have the opportunity to sort through this exquisite artwork, which is collected in an elongated hardcover that even gives the feeling of thumbing through an artist’s sketchpad.  In addition, Cardy and co-writer/interviewer Renee Witterstaetter make the reading experience even more poignant by adding his own memories and commentary to each sketch. 

History buffs and comic book fans alike will thoroughly enjoy this private look into the life of Nick Cardy.  His personal accounts of World War II and his incredible sketches note the compelling journey of a truly remarkable artist who contended with the most challenging of conditions by using his artwork as an outlet.  Nick Cardy: The Artist at War will be released through Amazon on February 26, 2013.  For more information on the book and to learn more about Titan Books, please visit the official website at





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