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Frank Darabont To Bring Back Buckaroo Banzai?

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageOne of CC2K’s very own operatives has brought word that Frank Darabont may be bringing back a beloved geek hero: Dr. Buckaroo Banzai of the Hong Kong Cavaliers.

When last we heard, Banzai was taking on the World Crime League, but now our operative, who goes under the pseudonym Perfect Tommy, tells us that the man behind The Shawshank Redemption and the failed script for Indiana Jones 4 will revisit the eminent martial artist, brain surgeon, scientist and rock star.

Read our operative’s report after the jump!

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Perfect Tommy's teletyped missive read as follows: 

Sources at the Buckaroo Banzai Institute have confirmed from two reliable sources the rumor that Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Mist, 2009’s Fahrenheit 451) will pen and direct the new incarnation of the 80s cult classic Buckaroo Banzai.

It is still not certain if that will take the form of a series pilot or theatrical release. Fans question whether Darabont is right for the property with his more linear style of filmmaking, but after the disappointing loss of Buckaroo Banzai: Ancient Secrets & New Mysteries (the Rauch/Richter pilot from years ago), it is exciting to see the opportunity for a revitalization of the beloved characters, especially from such a recognized film maker.

We here at CC2K will keep you posted on this exciting news!