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Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Every year the comic book industry puts on the even known as Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) on the first Saturday of May, where publishers give out certain books for free in an effort to draw in new readers and/or old fans into the modern world of comics. This Saturday, May 7th, be sure to head over to your local comic book store and see what they’ve got to offer!

The 1st Saturday of every May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. This is a very special day in the comic book community and it’s important to go out there and support your local comic shop. Though the comics are free for us, they are however, not free for distributors. Each shop has to pay for these FREE comics (they are discounted) and they use this day to promote. So go out there, grab some free swag and maybe buy a book or two. Get your kids to read ( reading comics even helped me get a scholarship when I went to college) and make sure to show them how reading is fun.  If you’re not sure where there’s a local shop near you, use the Comic Shop Locator. You can check out a quick summary of some of the books publishers will be giving away below:

Walking Dead Special Edition

Superman Special Edition

Avengers Assemble Hulk Agent of SMASH

Disney Fairies


The Tick

Dragon Ball / Rurouni Kenshin

Sponge Bob Square Pants

and click here for the complete list…

Again swing by your local comic book store to grab some of these free titles or better yet, bring someone and introduce them to the world of comics. Superhero, indy, horror, or funny comics; there are so many to choose from i’m sure you’ll find something to connect with.  FCBD is an all day event and just stopping by makes a big difference to some of these small local shops. With comics being digital now and because this world is slowly becoming less and less about small business, please make a difference and participate in FCBD. Thank you and enjoy!