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G.I. Joe Exec Producer Feels You Will Really Like G.I. Joe

Written by: Lance Carmichael, CC2K Staff Writer

Source: MTV Films

ImageItem! G.I. Joe executive producer (and Hasbro Chief Operations Officer) Brian Goldner really, really feels very strongly that you will, indeed, enjoy the movie he is executive producing. Really, according to him, it will be tremendous. Also, he provides a few details…after the jump.
In today’s crazy world of cinema, it is impossible to know whether a film is going to be good before we actually get to see it. So we have to rely on impartial observers who have been given sneak peeks to supply us with credible, objective information about the quality of the film in question. Impartial observers like the executive producer of said film. Just listen to these quotes!

"G.I. Joe has just gone into filming this past week, with a great cast and a tremendous story all based on the comics and the animation," Goldner said. "I think fans, and fans to come, will really love what we’re doing."

See? You’ll love what they’re doing. So what are you worried about?!

But if that’s not enough, Goldner goes on to reassure us that the complex plot points from the 80s cartoon that you, personally, have always been dying to learn more details about will be addressed with the brilliance and skill of a trademark Goldner production:

"We all know of the Arashikage [ninja clan], and we all know of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, but we need to build that story," he explained. "We all know the story of Duke, and the story of the Baroness. … We know the story of Destro, but do we really? We need to go back and tell the origin story of how you get a Scottish arms dealer, who comes forward in history — how does that happen?"

"And Cobra Commander," he added, referring to the evil terrorist leader who fan sites have reported will be portrayed by Brick star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. "In effect, this is all about the rise of Cobra Commander. … For fans, they’re really going to love this, because we take them on a journey. … We have to go through the first chapter and then build from there."

Yes, according to source Brian Goldner, it appears that Brian Goldner has done it once again. But what about G.I. Joe’s many fans in the gay community across the world? Goldner’s got some bad news for you:

Shipwreck won’t be in the film.