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Goodtime Charlie: I Think I Won’t, Thank You

Written by: Goodtime Charlie, Special to CC2K

Okay, so longtime friends Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have paired together for the first time (!!!) in a please-go-to-it-on-Valentine’s-Day romantic comedy called Just Go With It. Could that title be any more on-the-nose? All you need to know, America, is that Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and some hot chick in a bikini are in a new movie where some schlub has to decide which sexy woman to marry. Just go with it, buy your tickets, and maybe you’ll even enjoy a few parts of it!

“Help! The multinational corporate conglomerates running the studios need your support!” -Corporate Flunky #3102

It is interesting that recent-box-office-dud Adam Sandler (I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Funny People, Grown-Ups), who also exec-produced this turd, chose to align himself with an actress who has the same problem (Love Happens, The Bounty Hunter, The Switch) in what is apparently an effort to make a successful movie. Or is that not even the goal anymore? Maybe simply making a movie is enough for them these days, regardless of quality. I mean, they both got paid millions of dollars, right? They got to spend some time in Hawaii on somebody else’s dime, eat some killer free food on-set, have a few laughs, feel like they’re being productive…it’s the little things in life that they are concerned about at their age, I guess.

“There’s always gonna be haters, Jen, so what the fuck? Let’s just hang out in Hawaii for a while and wipe our asses with 35mm film.” -Adam Sandler “As long as I can bring my yoga instructor, hair-stylist/best-friend, a couple lap dogs, and my scrapbooking supplies I don’t give a shit what we do there.” -Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston craps shitty romantic comedies in her sleep and I guess just enough overweight women with cats watch them that her gravy train continues its incremental slide toward the fiery pits of hell. So, what does she care what anybody thinks about them? The ‘elitist’ critics will always hate on her; jealous women will always hate on her; men will always hate on her; she just needs to persevere and eventually some happy accident will redeem her in the end. Right? Well, that’s what she’s hoping for, no doubt. Let us ruminate on what that happy accident may be, shall we? Possible entertainment-rag quotes from the future:

At age 56, Jennifer Aniston has finally found her niche–and Oscar gold–as a bronzed, sultry, embittered Miss Havisham in Baz Luhrman’s dramatic retelling of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. With a guaranteed 14-year contract on Broadway and a traveling ice-capade in the works, Miss Aniston finds it bittersweet that the secret to her happiness lies in the glorification of the loneliness that has dogged her for what seems like centuries. Former actress Jennifer Aniston, 52, was spotted dining at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills over the weekend. As always, her characteristic printed-silk Gucci bandages obscured her entire head but there was no doubt in anybody’s mind as to who was living it up with Jesse Eisenberg during a jovial four-hour martini-and-painkiller lunch. Was having acid thrown in her face by Angelina Jolie the best thing that ever happened to her? Probably. Her besties freely admit “we’ve never seen her happier.” After a marathon 14-day bidding-war cage-match atop the CAA Death Star, Jennifer Aniston, 68, has finally outlasted the competition and secured the rights to Angelina Jolie’s unfinished autobiography. Who will play Hollywood’s most notorious vixen, who took her own life as soon as she showed sign of aging? Why, Jennifer Aniston, of course. “I’m thinking no make-up on this one,” the wrinkly old actress quipped.

Regardless of how things turn out for Jen in the end, one thing is certain: Just Go With It will suck and you should probably hang out at the mall next weekend to intimidate/eliminate anybody interested in purchasing a ticket. After all, a tragic opening weekend box office tally is the best way to ensure this sort of bunk won’t tie-up our silver screens in the future.

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