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Great Cynics: Don’t Need Much

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

The London based Cynics have recently become the Great Cynics just ahead of the release of their releasing their full-length debut, Don’t Need Much today.

Great Cynics have a unique sound that encompasses the slower side of punk with a dash of Op Ivy, Hot Water Music, and Avail, with a Pogues sensibility.  The strongest element of this record is raw vocals. The vocals help create a sound that simultaneously makes Great Cynics accessible to listeners by portraying honesty.

The songs on Don’t Need Much are arranged in a thoughtful progression. The first four tracks are full of the gravely voices and crowd sing along sections that make every great pub anthem. The fifth track, Stones I’ve Thrown is a stripped down, with so much emotion and power behind the voice and even the gasps of breath are embedded in the construction. There is even a moment of silent air at the end of the track that allows, no makes, the listener stop, breath, and reflect before the next track.

Moohern strips down the song construction even more, with the guitar seemingly following the lead of the vocals in an almost jamming/freestyle kind of way. And Twenty Five starts off full of energy that would rouse any pit then gradually quiets into a (non- cheesy) a clapping section that incites a sing along.

The last song on the album My Quiet Lunch Breaks is a beautiful slow track of pure vocals and a quiet acoustic guitar. It is the track that strikes the deepest resonance within the listener while capping off the album, with an exhausted, spent vibe.

Don’t Need Much is to be released today June 14, 2011 and you can get it at Kind of Like Records.