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Guillermo Del Toro Heads to the Himalayas to Remake Champions

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: The Hollywood Reporter

If a director's prolificacy were judged by the number of projects he/she was connected to, Guillermo Del Toro (Blade II, Hellboy) might just take the prize. After rumored to be directing Dead Man, The Witches, and At the Mountains of Madness (all coming after he wraps up Hellboy 2: The Golden Army), and expressing interest in the Harry Potter franchise, it looks like Del Toro is locked into a remake of The Champions.

And not only will Del Toro direct, but he will be writing the screenplay and producing the feature film adaptation of the cult British television series. I know virtually nothing about it, but I hear it revolved around the adventures of three secret British agents saved by an advanced civilization after their plane crashed in the Himalayas. The civilization also bestowed them with superhuman abilities, which they used on subsequent secret missions. The series originally was produced by ITC, the company behind such British shows as The Saint, The Prisoner and Thunderbirds.