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Halloween Video Game Special

Written by: Corey Bonanno, Special to CC2K

October is here and Halloween is around the corner, which officially launches horror season.  I love the viscera, the haunt, the ghostly apparition in the mirror.  The horror genre has carved out a special place in my heart, and around Halloween horror games are more spine tingling than ever.  Here are the top  games to get you in to the frightful holiday mood.


Until Dawn

The recent release of Until Dawn is a true to form teen horror.  It is loaded with jump scares and gruesome sequences of real nauseating horror.  Super Massive Games, the developer of Until Dawn, has perfected the story driven, choice-based engine.  Players don’t just try and survive through the night, but are given the chance to direct their own horror film.  The decisions you make allow for extreme outcomes to the story and to who lives or dies.  It is a choice driven experience that relies on gamers reflexes to successfully achieve a “perfect” ending.


What seems like the right decision isn’t always going to get you a good outcome.  Somehow, in the eight hours it took for me to complete the story, everyone survived.  This game warrants a second play through just to see the end of the story in which no one survives.  This is one to play with friends and love ones watching and helping in the decision process.  It will get a few jumps out of you.  The characters and narrative is a cinematic experience that puts the player their in the situation.  Until Dawn is a must play this Halloween.