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Heroes Creator Admits Season 2 Problems; Promises to Save the Day

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer


We here at CC2k love Heroes. Its freshman season was a standout and had us talking about its developments and mysteries, the good and yes the bad, to no end (head over to the forums to join in!).

But as Season 2 premiered, some of us couldn't help but wonder if the show had suffered a drop in quality. Some of the elements, the introduction of new supers Maya & Alejandro, Hiro's trip to feudal Japan, seemed to drag a bit. Well, if you've noticed this too, it seems we were right, as Tim Kring (creator of Heroes) admits: "We made a mistake."

Several, actually. Kring said in an interview (while standing in the picket lines for the WGA strike) that instead of the slow build-up, Season 2 should have started as Season 1 ended, firing on all cylinders.

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Kring also said, regarding the introductions of new heroes that they, "shouldn't have been introduced in separate story lines that felt unattached to the show. The way we introduced Elle (Kristen Bell) — by weaving her in via Peter's story line — is a more logical way to bring new characters into the show.''

As for only learning of the major threat to the world being discovered in the last episode? "We took too long to get to the big-picture story,''

Regarding Claire's new aerial love interest? "I've seen more convincing romances on TV."

Finally Kring said, "The message is that we've heard the complaints — and we're doing something about it."

The current "Generations" story arc (referred to as "Volume 2") will be wrapped up with the December 3rd episode, and assuming the writers' strike is wrapped up by then, a new ending has been filmed for it that will more firmly make it a season finale.

Whenever Heroes returns to production, they'll be able to start with a "clean slate" for Volume 3.  The more recent episodes seem a return to form, so hopefully as Heroes continues we'll see this show continue to improve.