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Heroes Season 3 Spoilers

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: Heroes Fanatic

We all know the sophomore season of Heroes ended prematurely due to the writers’ strike, and while there were a few high points, it was mostly more miss than hit. Creator Tim Kring has wrung his hands and promised to do right in Season 3, but what can we expect next fall?

I’ve posted the spoilers in inviso-text. So select the text below to read it, or don’t if you want to stay spoiler-free.

While Kristen Bell has yet to sign a contract to reprise her character, she went on record as saying, "…they seem to like me and want to keep me onboard, so we’re going to keep that ball rolling for as long as we can."

A Japanese woman will enter into Ando’s life. Will she be a love interest? Something more sinsiter? We don’t know!

Nikki really is dead, but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of Ali Larter, as Nikki will be replaced by one of her alter egos.

There’s another appearance from Future Hiro – you know, the ass-kicking one who visited Peter Petrelli on the subway back in S1.

There will also be a couple of new characters added to the New Orleans storyline. One is Officer Warren, a handsome police officer who may be a love interest for Monica, the new hero with the "copycat" power.

There will also be a new character named Knox, a frightening villain recently sprung from prison.

So titillating! So intriguing! You’re just dying to highlight that text, aren’t you?