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Holland Declares War on Chicago Baseball…or Something Like That

Written by: Rob Van Winkle, CC2K Staff Writer


Source: NPR

First of all, I know this isn't a TV story…in fact it's not really classifiable at all. However, it's just too good to ignore. May God have mercy on my soul.

It was announced today that The Netherlands – the country best known stateside as "the one that has legalized marijuana and prostitution" – has finally reached its boiling point. Selling sex and drugs is one thing, but our friends the Dutch just simply can no longer abide…white socks.

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According to world media reports, Holland declared a nationwide ban on white socks, which they labeled as "transgressing the limits of decent dress behavior." However, after surprisingly intense media scrutiny, Dutch Finance Ministry officials (apparently the sartorial experts in The Netherlands) recanted, saying that the comment was the personal opinion of one senior official, and not the views of the entire nation.

However, the retraction went on to say that, while it was one lone official who stated this opinion, it was one that was shared by many in the government: "Our opinion is that everyone has to dress according to occasion, and the employees at the Dutch Finance Ministry have a good dress sense."

Learn your lesson, people: NEVER wear socks underneath your gaudy yellow wooden shoes!