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Is Beyonce the Smartest Choice for the Superbowl Half-Time Show

Written by: River Kali, Special to CC2K


Super Bowl_Beyonce is one of the biggest musical artists of the aughties.  Her hits are widespread and plentiful and her talents as a performer and singer are remarkable.  It makes perfect sense that she’d not only be on the shortlist for the Superbowl half-time performers, but be first in line to receive the honor.  Well, except for one little problem: her catalog.  It’s not that her music is bad; on the contrary, Ms. Carter has crafted some of the finest pop/R&B music in recent memory, but her music tends to be geared more toward the fairer sex. 

With songs like, “Singe Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”, “Run the World (Girls), and “Irreplaceable”, that promote female empowerment and overcoming bad relationships with men frequently populating Beyonce’s discography, one wouldn’t expect her to be headlining something as traditionally masculine and testosterone-filled as the Superbowl half-time show, a break during the American National Football League (NFL)’s annual championship game, where musical artists perform to keep the audience entertained until the game starts back up. 

Granted, Madonna headlined the show last year, and her set wasn’t exactly teeming with testosterone, but her music covers a wider range of topics and genres, thus giving her the ability to perform songs that can appeal to all demographics.  Beyonce’s music isn’t as diverse, nor are her live performances, which frequently have a female empowerment theme to them.  She even has an all-female band.

While it’s highly unlikely that Beyonce’s Superbowl set will cause any major snafus, it does make one wonder what the half-time show’s ratings will be like come game night.   Beyonce has a strong fan base and they will probably watch, but it’s doubtful that the type of men that watch the Superbowl will want to sit through a typical Beyonce performance, and if they do, it may be more to leer at her assets, than to watch her perform and hear her music.

What do you guys think?