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It’s a Mad Max World

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

In the ruins of the world, a man would have to be mad to survive.

I am not a patient man. A life of misery and pain on the broken roads of this world has robbed me of whatever peace I once had. This makes my temper just a bit hairy, especially when some irradiated War Boys decide to steal my ride and leave me for dead. 

The camp I’m watching isn’t the same troop. Their skin is the color of ashes, and their flesh is branded with the screaming skull of Immortan Joe. I can smell the sickly sweet rot of their irradiated flesh from my lookout. Or perhaps that’s my new travel companion, Chumbucket. We wait patiently while the four marauders tinker about with their stalled buggy. I can see my target gleaming in the light: Precious scrap for rebuilding my new car. 

In my pocket, I can feel the comforting weight of six shivs: broken shanks of metal wrapped in filthy rags. Of course, I could use my shotgun, but with only three shells left it feels wasteful. 

The decision to strike isn’t made by summoning up courage or weighing pros and cons. Those would be the actions of a rational man. And I, among my many flaws, am anything but rational.