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Joe Danger for the PSN

Written by: Corey Bonanno, Special to CC2K

ImageHe Rode a Red Bike and Danger Followed.  

If you are like me and find yourself scanning the stack of games you purchased this winter with indifference, sighing at the thought of jumping back on to CODMW2 multiplayer servers, or massacring the town of Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption for a quick short lived thrill, then you know its time to trudge through the garbage of the PlayStationNetwork.  There is hope for you my friend, and hope rides a Harley!

The game is a mix between the old Nintendo Excitebike, HD trials, and a dash of Sonic (fragment).  Joe Danger is more platform game than anything else with elements of racing, time trials, and level designing.  The story and game play are all very straightforward.  Joe is an out of retirement stunt devil trying to make a comeback.  You guide Joe through several different stages of his career to seat him back atop the death-defying throne.  Each stage is comprised of levels designed mainly around the game’s physics engine.  The controls are tight, and the physics have just the right amount of absurdity to it.

Don’t think the game isn’t challenging, however.  As you progress, the level difficulty will rise and fall, but each time it rises by exponential increments, bringing more and more challenges and goals for the player to take down in each run.  I rarely get into violent fits of rage when playing video games, but I’ve found myself more than once spewing out a furious string of swears as I smash into a mousetrap..  It’s that primal fury of the SEGA Genesis era reemerging in me from long ago.   Each level has at least one “just for fun” filler stage to take the edge off, mainly playing off the physics engine or the level designer. 

Joe Danger presents itself as exactly what you expect, but doesn’t mean it isn’t a great PS3 title.  The game was created by a four man development team.  This is Hello Games first title and it shows a lot of promise for what they could do in the future.  So go out and support the little guys trying to do something just because they love to do it.  There are trophies, so all you trophy hunters best get on it if you haven’t already.  If you are bored, have fifteen bucks, and want something right now, then hop on the PSN and download Joe Danger.


  • The levels are fun and challenging, it can be addictive trying to complete all the    objectives.
  • One of the best PSN games out there.
  • The editor is great and gives you a decent amount of freedom.  Share levels online.
  • There is not much to it, but its a good time killer if you are tired of the shit this summer has released.  Don’t worry guys, the fall lineup is just around the corner. 


8.0 out of 10