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John Rambo Gives Peace A Chance

Written by: The Red Baron, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageI've been a fan of the stencil-combat-graffiti aesthetic of the new Rambo since it first appeared a few months ago.

A simple, quaint, cute visage of Stallone with his immortal headband vaguely reminicient of the classic Che Guevara portrait that's decorated so many an American college dorm room.  A few weeks ago, I saw this "updated" version of the poster on the side of a building near my apartment here in Los Angeles, and almost crashed my car because my attention was so successfully captured.  Inspired by renegade artist/vandal BANSKY, someone (probably BANSKY himself/herself/themselves), added a hand holding up a peace sign next to Rambo's clenched lips, and a peace symbol with a "Yo" – recalling Sly's other recently revived cinematic hero Rocky Balboa.

Oh, the irony!  John Rambo, the ex-Green Beret capable of liquefying the entire Cambodian army with a gatling gun and firery arrows, asking everyone to give peace a chance!  Someone on the marketing team wasn't impressed, as the posters were covered up the next day.  I've been saving them for RAMBO week, which has finally come.

My only concern now is how to outdo this with some Indiana Jones poster vandalism, because the Groucho Marx glasses & nose disguise on Harrison Ford and Anton LaVey mustache on Shia LeBeouf just isn't going to cut it.