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Keith Champagne Gives Some Insight on IDW’s Upcoming Ghostbusters: The Other Side

Written by: Joey Esposito, Special to CC2K

ImageAt SDCC last weekend, IDW Publishing announced a new four part mini-series based on the wonderful Ghostbusters franchise. Ironically, the much hyped video game that this book was supposedly being made to coincide with, has been delayed.  In an interview with comics super-site Newsarama, writer Keith Champagne made some comments on his disdain for Slimer, his apathy towards the underrated Ghostbusters II, and what he had planned for this series. So naturally, my first instinct was to simply call him a douchebag. Thankfully, he was still willing to have a short talk with CC2K about the project. 

IDW Publishing's October Solicits read as follows:


"Ghostbusters: The Other Side #1
Keith Champagne (w) • Tom Nguyen (a) • Nick Runge (c)

Egon Spengler! Ray Stantz! Winston Zeddemore! Peter Venkman! The original Ghostbusters return in an all-new, four-part Ghostbusters story from IDW! Writer Keith Champagne (Green Lantern Corp, The Flash) is joined by artist Tom Nguyen in this new Ghostbusters saga. When the Ghostbusters capture a group of ghostly crooks, they unknowingly run afoul of a gang comprised of the spirits of some of America’s most legendary gangsters. Dead or alive, the mafia knows exactly how to deal with a problem like the Ghostbusters: rub ‘em out!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99"  (


CC2K: First and foremost, regardless of previous comments, I just want to say thank God a major publisher is taking on Ghostbusters, the last mini series by 88mph was plagued by issues. Any involvement at all from Dan or Harold?
Keith Champagne: Not directly. I did happen to meet Ernie Hudson shortly after I got the Ghostbusters gig and he seemed to enjoy what I was planning for Winston.
CC2K: Is there a Ghostbuster you enjoy writing most?

KC: They're all fun to write for different reasons, every character is very distinct from one another and they all fill an important role in the group. Personally, I enjoy writing Venkman's dialogue and writing Winston, whom I view as the most physically capable of the group, agrees with me too.
CC2K: Why such disdain towards Slimer?

KC: Because the property is called Ghostbusters, not Slimer and his little friends the Ghostbusters. Let's keep our eye on what's important here, the team itself.
CC2K: Myself not included, were you surprised at the legions of hardcore devoted GB fans that probably flocked to your blog after the announcement was made?

KC: A little bit. I wasn't aware there was such a community of hardcore GB fans online but I should not have been surprised. There are communities of everything online, I just never stopped to think about it. I appreciate the traffic though, I'll have to write more Ghostbusters entries in the future.
CC2K: Any sort of time frame for this book – is it still the 80's?

KC: We're looking at '89 or '90. I never specifically define the year but the series follows the second movie in terms of continuity. I hope everyone enjoys The Other Side!
CC2K: Thank you for your time, Keith! No hard feelings…