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Kojima’s Farewell

Written by: Corey Bonanno, Special to CC2K

Farewell Kojima


This week marked an historic day in the video game industry.  Today was the final trailer directed by the master, Hideo Kojima.  With this trailer, an era is ending.  over twenty five years, Kojima, has created and crafted some of the most memorable and influential games to have ever been created.  Kojima, after his falling out with Konami, has been all but erased from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  Konami was gracious enough to allow Kojima to take one last crack at creating a Nostalgia driven trailer to give even the “fair-weather” fans a misty eye.

Metal Gear Solid V launches next week on September 1st.  This will be the final chapter in the timeline pieced together by the eccentric and brilliant mind of one of the most important minds in the field.  Metal Gear Solid has been a keystone in the evolution of story crafting and gameplay mechanics since the original Metal Gear in 1987 known as MSX2.  Solid snake has had his story bookended as well as “Big Boss”, but MGSV will bridge the final missing pieces.  The story of how “Big Boss” is transformed from the hero to the villain.  

Expect many streams of my time with MGSV in the coming weeks as well as a review.