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Moment of Truth SHOCKER: Fox’s New Game Show MIGHT not be Legit!

Written by: Rob Van Winkle, CC2K Staff Writer

Image As I have just written, Fox has debuted its new "reality" show The Moment of Truth, in which contestants answer personal questions in front of their loved ones, earning money for as long as a lie detector verifies that they are being honest. This is a typical Fox show, complete with controversy, awful people, and the oily smile of Mark L. Wahlberg. But…could it be…that it might also be complete bullshit?

It seems as though the second-ever contestant on the show – an overly friendly guy named George – is ACTUALLY AN ACTOR.

If we can't trust Fox to offer up sincere contestants attempting to ruin their very lives for a chance at a few dollars…then who can we trust?

Imagine…this show is horrible and disgusting…and also dishonest! Perfect, don't you think? 

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