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My Top 4 “Holy S#!7” Moments in PC Gaming

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

The war between console and PC gamers is as old as time itself. Ancient cave drawings depict great battles waged between the leet Controller Clan and the mighty Keyboard and Mouse Cabal. All that would remain after each epic fight were blood-soaked couches and gore-slathered bean bags, and perhaps an upturned Cheeto’s bag. Countless lives have been lost, and all due to an unanswerable question: which system is better for gaming?

For my part, I have tried to play the neutral party. I own all the systems (at least, when my bankroll allows), and I balance my gaming time between consoles and computers. Still, I have to admit that some of my favorite moments in gaming have come while seated before a monitor rather than in front of my flat screen. In fact, if I was pressed to answer, I could rattle off my top 4 moments in PC gaming.

SPOILER WARNING: I’m going to talk about the ending to games that have been out for over ten years. If this spoils something for you, I apologize. But also, you should game more. Stop being a whore to reality.