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Next Gen, Same Problems

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

I remember with no small amount of glee the feeling I got when I took home my Nintendo 64. I was a young lad then, still awaiting the carpet of fur that would eventually deny every inch of my body from ever seeing the sun again. My brother had been there for the actual purchase, from the beacon of electronics once known as Babbages. We raced up the stairs to the game room, my still in my crappy school uniform, and plugged in the system. 

And then Mario’s disembodied head came flying out of nowhere and I nearly crapped my dockers. 

Next-Generation consoles, and their accompanying next-generation games, often bring more problems than solutions. While Mario 64 shot the Italian plumber directly into the third dimension, it also delivered some of the wonkiest and most frustrating camerawork this side of a Cloverfield spinoff. 

I’m trying to hold it steady, but these things are HEAVY

We gamers tend to be early adopters, and the latest and greatest of machines has just arrived on store shelves. The Playstation 4 and XBOX One are set to launch video games into unheard of splendor. Or, quite possibly, fuel a nerd rage that will crumble mountains. 

Come at me, brah!

What people always seem to forget is that, while it is exciting that we now live in a new generation of consoles, the first few months of any system are a crapshoot of problems. 

Such as…