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Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Next week is the big NYCC’11 and as a kicker we were forwarded an advanced copy of a comic book. When such a gift it bestowed on us, we here at CC2K jump on being one of the first to review it. This weeks: Footprints #002.

Footprints #2

Joey Esposito – Writer
Jonathan Moore – Artist

“Footprints” is a detective comic staring Bigfoot. A monster movie meets film noir mash-up, if you will. It’s the brain child of former CC2K comic editor Joey Esposito and up-and-coming artist Jonathan Moore. It started out as a Kickstarter project and was successfully funded to be a trade. We here at CC2K reviewed Issue #1 and have said:

“The book has enough talent and originality that could make it a well developed title.” And that “It’s one of the finest if not the first monster noir books i’ve ever read cover to cover.”

Reviewers took notice and “Footprints” got picked up by 215 Ink. What once was a self published trade now became a publicated series. Now that “Footprints” is being sold at comic stores and conventions, we got an advance with issue #2 and it didn’t disappoint.

This issue flows a lot better then the first issue. Esposito’s narrative is well versed and his transition from past to present is perfectly paced. Since we have met most of the characters back in issue 1, this book shares some backstory of Bigfoot, the war, the introduction of Monsters into the American populous,  and “foot’s” brother the Yehti. What could be the main villain: Motheresa is also introduced, but knowing Esposito she might not be what she seems. Motheresa symbolizes the lady in the red dress (from most detective films), she’s a Jessica Rabbit type of character. Long legged, pretty faced, and she has moth wings. She’s bad news. Her presence and involvement carry the book. It’s because of her that Foot and Yehti stopped speaking and she’s possibly the culprit who killed Yehti. When the brothers had a detective agency, Motheresa hired the duo for a case. Foot was unwilling but Yehti pushed hard for it. We don’t know what happened (yet) but we know the outcome: Yehti decapitated.

There is some major double cross also in this story. Nobody is what they seem and though the monsters work as a team there is a hint that they all have other motives. From beat-downs, crossed lovers, and more decapitation Footprints #2 has a lot going for it. I’ve read this issue a few times, trying to find a problem with it. In the first issue, i wasn’t fully connected to “Foot” but his back story in this comic got me fully invested. Esposito might not have seen some of issue #1’s faults, however, possibly unknowingly, he has fixed every single one of them. 

Moore’s artwork also improved. His sense of shadow and art direction really compliment this script. For someone who draws monsters, their faces and emotion really felt human. He doesn’t slow down the action either; from a Shark crashing through a glass wall to the Jersey Devil being beaten to a pulp, Moore makes the most out of this detective monster book. It’s dark, it’s fun, and he delivers.

“Footprints” is a fresh take on the monster genre. If you are a fan of “Hellboy” or “Proof” this book is for you. A great mystery, chilling illustrations, and a hot villainess. What more do you want?

4.0 out of 5.0

You can pick up Issue #1 and 2 from 215 Ink. or at next weeks NYCC’11.