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NYCC’12: David Finch talks about Batman: TDK and Justice League of America

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

CC2K was fortunate enough to have a few a minutes with David Finch. Artist for DC’s The Dark Knight and newly announced Justice League of America.


David, I am one of many who loved the first arc on The Dark Knight. It’s always special when a talented artist decides they want to write the book as well as draw it. I feel the White Rabbit is an interesting character, she’s a speedster and a trickster. The first arc was a lot of fun. How much longer are you on this title?

Thank you, i’m on till issue 15. Issue 12 is out now and 13 the next week. So really not that much longer. I’m kind of coming to an end.


Are you signed up for another title?

Ya, I’m going to be doing Justice League of America with Geoff Johns coming out the first week of Febuary and I can’t wait. I’m really having the time of my life on Batman. It’s my dream project and i’ve got Greg Hurwitz writing it right now, who I begged to do it. He’s doing such an amazing job. The story he is writing for TDK is really his own story that he was going to publish as a Scarecrow story. I convinced him to bring it to Batman: TDK. Which is great because he is going to stay with the title once I leave. He has an amazing artist lined up after I go , Ethan Van Sciver. So it’s going to be awesome. The next character they are going to tackle is the Mad Hatter. 

I was one of the readers who really loved the story, why did you and DC decide to bring in a developled writer? 

Greg really structured this book. The comic lacked a lot of focus. Plus he has made the title an exhibition or a showcase for Batman’s villains and I love that it now has that identity. I feel great that I got to be a part of it.


If you look at the Batman: TDK as a book that showcases Batman’s rogue gallery. You could say that the theme was there from the begging, starting with your own creation : the White Rabbit.

Yes. Hey If i’m going to make up a character, you know it’s going to be a playboy bunny.


Does DC have more plans involving Batman’s new White Rabbit? Will she continue popping up once Greg and Ethan take over?

Truthfully, with Greg, one of the things I said to him once he was willing to come on to the book, was that it was “his” book; carte blanche. I wanted him to do the stories he had in mind. That kind of put White Rabbit out of the picture for a while but i’d love to do something with her again. I would love to see her appear again in a comic. She was a lot of fun and there is still much to explore.


You are doing this Ocean’s Eleven type of Justice League with Geoff Johns. Can you tell us anything about the story line?

I really can’t. I think i’m signed to a blood oath. What I can say is that it’s not a cast of DC’s big hitter characters. So, that really gives us a lot of leeway to take our characters into directions that might upset some people, a little bit. 


There has been a leaked photo with who’s in the cast: Catwoman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, etc. This feels like everyone on the team will have a certain job relaying on their certain talents and gifts.

Exactly, it’s going to create a really interesting dynamic. Especially hearing what Geoff Johns is talking about in terms of why some of the characters are on the team. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun from my perspective. The story is Geoffs and to be on this title is exactly what I’d hope it would be. I just want a great story coming from a great writer and I feel like i’m getting that with JLA. Geoff wants this to be over the top with big action using big shots of the characters. At the same time he wants the characters to be very human, very real, and believable. Each character needs to have their own personality even in terms of how they stand. So, that’s something i’m really trying to do and I love that. I did a lot over at Marvel with Brian Bendis. Just like Geoff, he really writes very believable characters and I feel like that comes out in my art more. I don’t think i’m the greatest (frankly) story telling artist in the world but when I work with a writer that is so strong that way it embraces my best work.


You’ve been in the industry for years, I think you can be choosey with who you work with. Hence why  i’m always excited when you are working with the “A” talent. 

In this day and age, our audience are older and more sophisticated then some of the professionals. You can’t condescend them with a story anymore. It’s got to be the whole package. I never want to do a story that I don’t believe in again. I always go in with the best intentions. I really learned the value of working with the best. I mean it’s Geoff Johns. I can’t wait! The stuff he has always shown me is… I am just a huge fan of his anyway, I’ve read all of his stuff. It’s going to be great. Hey, I know creatively what my goals are. That means i’m going to be at DC for a very long time. 


Us at CC2K are excited about that as well David. Thanks for taking some time with us. We can’t wait till Justice League of America #1  which comes out this February. 



As a bonus to our readers, we uploaded a two second audio question/answer about David’s thoughts on New York City and the NYCC. Take a listen.