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NYCC’13: An Interview with LADY DEATH Creator: Brian Pulido

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

CC2K spent some time with LADY DEATH creator Brian Pulido at the 2013 New York Comic Con. Being an owner of his own characters, Brian told us some of the secrets to his success and what’s coming up next for him.

CC2K: For those who don’t know, Brian Pulido is the creator (along with Steven Hughes) and owner of the comic book character: Lady Death. With most comic book companies owning the rights of all their characters. It is rare for the creator to be able to flourish while maintaining said rights. How long have you been at it in the comics game?

PULIDO: Well, I was first published in comics in December of ’91. That comic was Evil Ernie #1. So I guess, at this date, that makes it 22 years plus.

CC2K:Everything you do is self published now?

PULIDO: That’s true. I self publish currently, a lot of Lady Death material through Coffin Comics. We are a boutique publishing agency focusing on hyper limited editions. Let me give you an example: At the New York Comic Con we have an edition called “Number 1 Golden.” It features an actual gold metal cover and it’s limited to 11 copies. We are into a few hours into the show and i’m already down to our last copy.

CC2K:That’s great!

PULIDO: Yeah. Really fun stuff.

CC2K: I remember how popular the Lady Death card sets were.

PULIDO: They were crazy. I remember in the 1990’s we did 11 different Lady Death trading card sets. Even now, we do Lady Death as sketch card series. Let’s say we do a run of a thousand cards, each card is an unique original piece of art. Those cards are then closed in a bag and are still in that format where you don’t know what you’re going to get.

CC2K:You are still at it while giving the fans unique original material while keeping this fan friendly spirit. How were you able to keep your character of Lady Death from being bought by the major publishers?

PULIDO: I think Lady Death has been published by 5 or 6 different companies but I personally never stopped doing Lady Death. Though I did lose the rest of the Chaos characters (Evil Ernie, Chastity) in 2002 and have no involvement with them what so ever, I’ve always kept Lady Death.

CC2K:If one of the 5-6 companies wanted to republish any of the Lady Death comics…

PULIDO:They would have to go through me. Even when Lady Death was being published by Avator and Boundless I was providing the scripts and the premise would be that: yeah they take care of me. Thankfully 22 years later I’m still here. Thank you Lady Death!

CC2K: Thank you Brian.

PULIDO: The pleasure was all mine.

There you have it. If you make a quality character that’s both engaging and rememberable, the sky is the limit within the comic world. Thank you Brian Pulido for you time and remember to stop by and say hi to him at the next comic con.