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NYCC’13: Interviews with Cosplayers Part 2

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

The NYCC’13 held some great events, but as always it was the Cosplay that stood out. We at CC2K were really lucky this year, to meet some wonderful and talented people. They were nice enough to spend sometime with us and answer a few of our questions. Introducing Part 1 of INTERVIEWS WITH COSPLAYERS: Tangled Web Cosplay & S.K. Cosplay


Kristen of S.K. Cosplay

S.K. Cosplay Facebook

CC2K: Hi Kristen, you guys make such beautiful costumes. How long have you been doing this?

S.K.: Since July 2006. It’s fun, it’s a great way to meet new people and bond over common interests, and I really love getting to bring characters I love to life. I Loved anime back in high school. A friend randomly told me about an anime convention in NJ (I had no idea conventions existed) and I went to my first one in 2005. It was fun, but it seemed like the people in costume were having even more fun, so I decided to buy a costume and dress up the next year. And then I was totally hooked.

CC2K: Like I mentioned those costumes are beautiful. Do you make them yourself? How long does it take?

S.K.: Yep, been making all of them since 2010. I Didn’t know how to sew before that and it depends on the costume. My AC3 Pioneer took 5 weeks but I got my Eowyn dress from LOTR done in 3 days. The costume you photographed (At NYCC’13), Magik, took about a week in all, but I didn’t do it all at once, I made it back in April in a few days, but the week before NYCC I fixed some things and then helped my dad make the glowing sword I have with it.

CC2K: That sword pops! Really cool and being homemade is a bonus. Now nobody messes with a woman with a sword. Have you had any trouble here at NYCC?

S.K.: I actually never was (harassed) until this Saturday. I mean, I’ve been asked out multiple times by random strangers and then followed around the con and asked again and again(and that’s happened to my sister too) but we’ve never gotten into a situation where we felt backed into a corner so to speak, and then assaulted or anything. And the asking out thing never bothered me, just made me feel bad (because I don’t want to date anybody right now, and I feel horrible turning guys down since they probably think something is wrong with them). But Saturday night I was over with my friends, right before the con was closing and we were just hanging out, taking crazy photos, talking. One guy I’ve never met came over and said he knew some of them. He started getting all grabby and then was following me when I tried to walk away to talk to one of my friends. He kept interrupting me when I tried to talk and hang with my friends. Then he tried to follow me to the ferry, but thankfully I got one of the photographers I know to walk me there (the road down to the ferry is so deserted). It was really uncomfortable and jarring, getting grabbed, getting followed wherever I went and told he wanted to spend time with me and only me and wanted to walk me to the ferry alone. I know other people have been in far worse situations. I’m not pretending mine was bad compared to most. It was uncomfortable at worst. Maybe he’s just a touchy feely type of person and didn’t realize anything was wrong and didn’t mean it in a bad way. But it still got to me. I wasn’t even in a tight or skimpy costume, I was cosplaying from Lord of the Rings and I don’t think I looked good at all, I don’t know why he picked me. But whatever. I’m not sure there is an easy fix to harassment and assault that happens to some female cosplayers (and no, I’m definitely not saying that mine was either of those, but I know horrible things have happened to other cosplayers). I feel like the media has something to do with it. That sometimes people don’t remember to respect boundaries anymore. I think the cosplay doesn’t equal consent movement has helped, but I think that for it to reach everyone, and to stop, the idea of respecting people needs to be shown in more mainstream media.

CC2K: I couldn’t agree more! I feel art in general has this stigma to it, where people can’t separate the fantasy from the reality. Sorry to hear about such an aweful experience at such a fun convention. We at CC2K love to show the various forms of Cosplay and we hope we portray the ladies at S.K. Cosplay fairly. You guys rock and thanks for your time.

To learn more about S.K. Cosplay click here or check out the link above.


Tangled Web Cosplay: Michirin – Marimo – Normie

Tangled Web Cosplay Facebook

CC2K: Hi guys, I always find it amazing when play friends cosplay together. How did all this start for you three?

TW: Michi: Being introduced to conventions and videos and seeing all the amazing outfits and wanting to try doing it for myself.
Marimo: Being introduced by Michi to my first con and being amazed at all the effort people put into their outfits.
Normie: I was always curious about cosplay but got into it because Michi was and wanted to show and share an interest in it.

CC2K: Ah the old statement “friends who cosplay together stay together.”

TW: One of the primary inspirations behind cosplay is just the love of the characters we cosplay as. The like and fandom of the character makes getting to look like them, act as them or just interact with the character a total joy. In turn, showing our love and fandom of that character also lets us meet other people with similar interests. Getting to share in the fandom of the character or anime/game/comic is so much fun and you meet a lot of great people. That’s one of the biggest rewards for cosplaying is just getting to interact with that community and people with similar enjoyments. Lastly there is a lot of fun in the design of our outfits and the appreciation of the outfits of others. Its great seeing the amount of work and personal ideas that go into cosplays. They are incredibly unique.

CC2K: You guys seem like a tight group. What’s the process like for you, do you make the costumes, do you guys go to many cons?

TW: We make our own in varying ways. It takes months! Making mistakes, trying new methods, working, school and life all make getting an outfit done an intense project. We will be at Springfest NY at Polytech University.

CC2K: What are your favorite characters to Cosplay?

TW: Michi:Characters with swords and weapons.
Normie: Characters with fun personalities.
Marimo: Superheroes and good guys.

CC2K: Do you guys ever have any problems with harassment at the cons?

TW: No, we have never had this problem; yet. We think it has always been a problem but some people have become new to the concept as cosplay has grown and they don’t know how to respectfully respond to women in scanty outfits (that they worked hard on). Also, a lot more people have been showing the courage to come forward and let it be known it will not be tolerated. Speaking up is the best solution. Never accept any conduct you are not ok with and don’t be afraid to say no, speak up and make sure others are not treated disrespectfully.

CC2K: Thanks guys! We will see you at Springfest!

To learn more about Tangled Web Cosplay click here or check out the link above.


If you know anyone that needs to be recognized and interviewed in the world of cosplay, email us or comment below.