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NYCC 2008: Countdown to Crisis

Written by: Ron Bricker

ImageSr. VP / Executive Editor Dan DiDio, VP / Sales Bob Wayne and Senior Coordinating Editor Jann Jones, Geoff Johns (Action Comics, Green Lantern), Grant Morrison (Batman, Final Crisis), Ethan Van Sciver (Justice League of America, Green Lantern), J.G. Jones (Final Crisis), Stephanie Roux (Birds of Prey), Gary Frank (Action Comics) and others for a panel that's not to be missed. The Sinestro War has passed, the Countdown is nearly over, and a Final Crisis looms! What lies ahead for our favorite heroes? Find out here!- NYCC Program Guide

The Countdown to Crisis panel started with a slide of DC Universe: Zero where Geoff Johns took the mic to say a little about the book. Claiming it is one of the best writing experiences of his career and is only 50 cents, so go buy it. Grant Morrison added it starts in the cosmos and ends in a strip club to laughter by the audience.

The next slide was for Final Crisis where Didio let the creative team talk a little. Grant Morrison instantly started joking about everyone dying. Didio then took back the spotlight to talk about the Final Crisis sketchbook that will be released including tons of fan favorite J.G. Jones’ sketches.

Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge was next on the chopping block. Geoff Johns then talked about how happy he is to be back on the rogues after writing them for so long in the Flash title. It deals with the fallout of the Flash’s rogues saying “no” to joining the Secret Society of Villians.

Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley’s weekly series Trinity was next. Didio informed the audience that these two creators are doing twelve pages every week for 52 weeks in a row which is a hell of an achievement. The title will also include back-ups. The title focuses on how much the trinity of the DCU (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) impacts the universe they inhabit.

Rann/ Thanagar: Holy War was discussed next. The title will focus on what has been going on with Rann, Thanagar, Hawkman, and even Lady Styxx, who was a main villain in 52.

Keith Giffen’s Reign in Hell is a series dealing with the devil you know and the devil you don’t know duking it out.

Morrison then got to discuss Batman and the hugely hyped “R.I.P.” arc. Not much was said besides Morrison dropping this bomb, “If you don’t catch this, you lose your chance to see a good Batman.”

Action Comics
followed where Geoff Johns talked about how he plans to make Brainiac scary again. Then Geoff once again said that the titles of Action Comics and Superman would begin to link up once James Robinson takes over the title in the coming months.

To round of the DC Trinity solo series. Gail Simone talked Wonder Woman where she gave hints at two upcoming arcs. The first dealing with scientists discovering the formula to beat Wonder Woman and secondly, a group creating a Wonder Woman experiment using a man.

Sean McKeever then discussed Birds of Prey where he talked about how much he fell in love with the characters while writing the book. However he announced his final issue comes out this week, April 23rd.

Didio then brought up a slide for the new mini series Joker’s Asylum. For five weeks straight, during weeks prior to the release of The Dark Knight, DC will release 5 one-shots spotlighting Batman’s rogue’s gallery.

Justice League of America was briefly touched on and how Dwayne McDuffie will continue with the series along with an upcoming Final Crisis tie-in.

Justice Society of America naturally fit as the next topic of discussion and Geoff Johns gave his standard vague hint about the upcoming annual. Powergirl visits her old home, Earth-2.

Announced last night at the DC Nation panel, Dan Didio told the audience that a new Powergirl ongoing will be starting up drawn by Amanda Conner, written by Justin Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

Booster Gold was discussed next with Geoff Johns announcing the departure of the current creative team with issue # 1,000,000, which is issue 12 in Johns, Katz, and Jurgen’s run. Johns told the audience that by the end of their story we will find out who Rip Hunter is.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade came up next where Jann Jones took the microphone talking about making an all ages Supergirl book which they have been aiming to do for years. It just took the right creative team, which has finally been found.

Billy Batson and Magic of Shazam! comes out in July and the first arc deals with a confrontation with Black Adam.

A roar of applause for Green Lantern passed through the crowd when the slide of Hal Jordan and Sinestro flashed on the screen. Geoff Johns talked about how happy he was with fans loving the story and his plan for the future, including the war of sector 666 and Blackest Night.

All-Star Batman and Robin is continuing and then Grant Morrison touched on All Star Superman in which Grant talked about how the ending to his 12 issue story is one the best endings he has ever written.

Gail Simone butted in, interrupting Dan Didio to announce a new project she has coming out, an ongoing Secret Six title drawn by Nicole Scott. The cast includes Catman, Deadshot, Rag Doll, Scandal, an A-List Batman Villain and an all new character named Janet who has a secret even the Secret Six won’t see coming. Simone called it the “ballsiest” title coming out of DC Comics done by two gingers.

The panel concluded with the standard Q & A.