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NYCC 2008: Spotlight on Grant Morrison

Written by: Ron Bricker

Image"Grant Morrison has been recognized as one of the top writers in the comics industry for more than 20 years and is acknowledged as one of its most imaginative storytellers. 2008 continues his best-selling runs on ALL STAR SUPERMAN and the BATMAN comic. Morrison is now writing the hotly anticipated FINAL CRISIS, the major crossover book for DC Comics in 2008. Tie in books include the controversial upcoming BATMAN R.I.P. storyline which will revolutionize the character and book. 2008 also marks an anticipated return to creating his own characters at DC's adult-oriented Vertigo Imprint. Several new series are in the works with release commencing in the Autumn."- NYCC Program Guide “Fuck,” The very first thing shown during the opening slideshow kicking off the spotlight. From that point on, you know you’re in for a wild ride with Grant Morrison as your driver.

Grant announced that he has a lot of projects lined up after Final Crisis, including continuing on Batman. (Grant announced WarCop, Seaguy 2, and Seaguy 3 at yesterday’s Vertigo panel.)

Asked if he was going to continue working on The Authority, Grant responded by acknowledging the massive delays the recent relaunch has received and put the blame solely on the shoulders of 52, a massive weekly comic he worked on with 3 other writers for DC during that time.

A fan asked how Pop Magic was coming along, to which Grant said he is just really busy right now and has been working on it slowly in his spare time.

Morrison touched on the film adaptation of We3 and the slow process of finding the right director to make the film. However he did say there are a bunch of new prospects that are going to be looked into.

Morrison then moved to Batman and his upcoming “R.I.P.” storyline which is an attempt to humanize the character again.

A fan then asked about plans for All Star Superman which Morrison said his story ends at issue 12, but he does have some more ideas for stories in the future.

A lot of questions were directed towards Animal Man to which Morrison referred to him as “an old drinking buddy” and that he loved writing him again in 52 and he does appear in Final Crisis.

A curious fan asked Grant what his favorite project was to which Morrison said he loved them all, but The Filth stands above all.
After a lot more questions involving drug intake while writing Invisibles, questions regarding Grant’s rejected event for DC called “Hyper Crisis”, and interest shown for future Sea Guy projects, the panel concluded.