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NYCC 2008: Zuda Comics Panel

Written by: Ron Bricker

ImageThe panel was sitting on a too small stage for everyone and looking out at an overflowing room.  The hall was pretty small compared to others and it’s obvious they underestimated the interest in the Zuda imprint.  The panel itself consisted of the creative team for High Moon, Night Owls, Pray for Death, and the Black Cherry Bombshells. 

They started with a few announcements, first saying that both Super Tron and Road are the new ongoing comics in Zuda and to look for new pages from both coming soon.  Next up was Night Owls which will now be updating twice a week.  They then said that they were starting the Zuda Invitiational, in which any of the losers from the previous year would be voted on by the users and 10 would be brought back to create 8 new pages.  From them, a new winner would be chosen to try and give some of the creators a second chance.

Then Dean Haspiel’s new project was announced as Street Code with the page being live now, but without anything beyond the first page.  The actual ongoing will start this summer.  This one qualified as an instant winner, so no on needs to vote for Dean.

Then it was a Q & A session with very few interesting questions.

Nothing that can be announced in terms of movies or TV for any of the properties, but things are in the works.

Printed volumes are a goal after the 60 screens are finished for each creator’s contract.

Zuda receives an equal mix of submissions from new and established creators.

New features will be added to the site soon, including search, to make it more user friendly.