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Quick Takes: Heroes Episode 4

Written by: Rob Van Winkle, CC2K Staff Writer

Source: My Brain

ImageI just posted this as a comment, but it might also do some good here. And so, in no random order, here are my thoughts about last night’s episode of Heroes:

First of all, I am so far VERY happy with how they’ve been taking advantage of Parkman’s powers this year . Being able to communicate with him silently has led to several incredibly powerful (no pun intended) scenes thus far this year, starting with Mrs. Petrelli screaming at him “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” a few episodes ago, to Molly’s silent terrified scream at the end of Episode 4. Talk about a gift also being a curse…

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Big Ross, in the forums, mentioned that having Sylar and Maya/Alejandro meet up serves to make that stultifyingly dull storyline marginally more interesting. I agree . In fact, there are a few interesting things about Sylar this year. Such as:
*How did he find himself in the middle of nowhere last week?
*How did he get himself FROM the middle of nowhere to Mexico?
*WHY did he introduce himself as Gabriel to Maya and Alejandro?
*What exactly is his deal now? Is he getting his powers back? Does he have them back? Has he reformed his ways, in a fashion?

As for the Micah’s cousin power, I personally think it kicks ass. (I also thought that the wrestling maneuver storyline was the most predictable part of the episode, but I’ll forgive it because the actress did a terrific job, and there is just so much damn potential for that character). My one question is: where are they located again? The writers just weren’t heavy-handed at ALL with that information…

As for Nathan Petrelli’s psychosis about his face: I love that device, though I don’t yet know what is going on. Whatever it is, it allows him to have a bit more depth so far this season, which I appreciate.

Overall, the high point for me in the episode was the revelation about Parkman’s father, and all the mystery that surrounded it, up to and including Molly’s involvement. The low point was this burgeoning love affair between Claire and Flyboy. Until they force some overarching plot into it, it seems like its sole purpose is to get Hayden Panittiere (sp?) kissing guys on screen. She’s hot. We get it.

Anyone else have any thoughts? Then head over to the forum and make yourself heard.