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Red Hulk Revealed!

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

ImageIn this weeks issue of Hulk (#22), we get not one, but two Hulk secret identity's revealed! There will be spoilers, so reader beware…




Last year General Thunderbolt Ross was murdered. Thunderbolt Ross is a major villain for the (green) Hulk as well as Betty Ross's father (Betty being the wife of Bruce Banner aka the Hulk). Well it turns out that the Ross's murder was staged and his alter ego is the Red Hulk. Many readers guessed this was the case, but the issue about his death and pictures of Red Hulk and Ross standing side by side made that argument defunct. Well, issue #23 of Hulk promises an origin and answers to why Ross is the Red Hulk. My main Question is "how come Red Hulk doesn't have a mustache?"





In the last page of Hulk #22, Red Hulk was morphed back into General Ross by the Red She-Hulk. On the same last page it's revealed that Red She-Hulk is Betty Ross. Jeph Loeb has been keeping the Red Hulks true identity quiet for almost 2 years and honestly i'm pretty disappointed. The revealing of the Hulks true identities should have been a wow moment, i actually said "ugh" when i saw the last page. I wish Loeb gave a bigger more original surprise, even having Glenn Talbot (Betty Ross's exhusband and another Hulk villain) be the Red Hulk would have least had that whole love triangle setting between Green and Red. Anyway… we've waiting two years and now you know.. 



Thunderbolt Ross – Red

Betty Ross – She-Red