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Review :: I Call Fives :: Someone That’s Not You EP

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

I-Call-FivesI Call Fives teaser EP, Someone That’s Not You, it is a catchy pop punk record that reminds you of the days when A New Found Glory had an “A” in front of their name and they were pretty damned good. Made up of a few new tracks and a cover of Third Eye Blind’s How’s It Gonna Be, this EP is a fun listen.

In the title track, Someone That’s Not You and Backup Plan are full tracks where I Call Fives is able to harnesses their intensity and throw it at the listener. The pop punk guitars and vocals are a lot of fun but even better, are these small surprising sections of contrast in each track. In Someone That’s Not You there are a few sections of heavier music and screamo vocals that provide an interesting contrast to the poppiness rest of the track. Backup Plan is also a super poppy track that has a quiet moment of stripped down music and hollow background vocals that is almost eerie (and I mean eerie in the best possible way).

In yet a different contrast, track three, Lakeview is an acoustic track. This track shows another element of the band, the ability to strip it all down and drive a song by its emotional content. It is quite and bare, yet it too is super catchy. This is the song that I found myself humming randomly throughout my day.

I can take or leave their cover of How’s It Gonna Be.  The intro chords sounds pretty gnarly but the rest of the track is kind of okay. (But, I will say that Third Eye Blind is my guilty pleasure band that I like way more than I care to admit, so I might be a bit biased on this one.) They do a great job of making the song it their own; it fits in seamlessly with their original material. I do have a feeling that this particular cover would kill in their live sets.

This EP is marketed as a teaser to the full length that will be released in June and it has done its job on me, I a pretty interested in hearing what the full length has to offer.

Someone That’s Not You is out on Pure Noise Records now. Also, you can check them out this summer on Warped Tour