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Review :: Sam Page :: Going on a Rampage EP

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor


Going-On-A-RampageHey there guys, here is yet another divergence from the punk rock reviews, this week I am talking about indie pop musician Sam Page. Page is a former teacher with a PhD in Philosophy who decided to “take a break from being rational” and being hitting the open mics to pursue a musical career. (Who out of all of us hadn’t wanted to through the rational to the wind and follow a passion?) Page released his first EP, The Garage Band Files, in 2011 (which he wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced himself). His second EP, Going on a Rampage has been getting awesome reviews, and I am happy to give it yet another one.  

The EP begins with a very intimate feel, with a countdown and a twangy guitar. I love “unproduced” elements of albums so I was immediately hooked. I knew from that point that this album would be full of soul and personal moments.

Track one, Alone Then, is a unique mix of Beach Boys style pop vocals with in indie edge that sounds so interesting I began to wonder why no one ever created it before. There is also a  focus on how words sound together and the effect of direct rhyme on the listener. (Verdict is that the direct rhyme makes for very catchy passages.)

Track two, I Wonder, is full of cool distortion and great guitar riffs that evoke great 90s bands like The Eels and Mathew Sweet.

Track Three, Lie to Me, diverges from the indieness of the first two tracks and instead takes refuge in the 70s style of full music (even with a bit of twang) and an echoy distorted effect on the vocals. It is very different from the other two tracks but is easily the catchiest.

Going on a Rampage, is a treat for any indie pop fans who love the DIY approach to music. Both of Sam Page’s EPs are available on his website. Stream them first and then decide to buy them. His third EP, Waiting For Another Spring, will be available on his site as a set your own price download.