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Ridley Scott to Direct Stones: Mick Jagger Reportedly Furious

Written by: Rob Van Winkle, CC2K Staff Writer

Source: Variety

Image Ridley Scott has just been signed by Fox 2000 to direct Stones, a supernatural thriller written by Matt Cirulnick, and set to be produced by Ridley and brother Tony's production company Scott Free. However, believing the piece to be a tell-all biopic about his band, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is reportedly furious with the move.

Stones actually tells the story of Stonehenge, imagining that the ancient stone circle is actually the most important of all ancient sites that still contain primeval power, and detailing the attempts by modern forces to destroy the site. When Jagger heard about the project however, he somehow misheard the synopsis, and concluded that the film is all about him.

Scott and Cirulnick tried to dispel Jagger's fears, to no avail. 

"Me and my band are private people. We don't like people prying into our lives." Jagger said at a press conference teeming with baby boomers shouting his name. "Besides, we weren't paid nothing."

Jagger has promised to pursue legal action if the film is ever released.

Bandmate Keith Richards, on the other hand, is purportedly very much in favor  of the project, though he was drunk when told of it, and believes the final letter of the title to be a "d."