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RPG Tycoon

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

Phillip the Brave is surely dead.

I sent him out weeks ago on a suicide mission, and now I’m positive he has been lost in battle. I curse my haste, my hubris, my foolish desire to see him immortalized as a pantheonic god of combat. Like all of my heroes, his life began simply enough. He was a sellsword, touring the country in search of gold and adventure. My tiny hamlet offered him the basics: A roof over his head and steady work. Over time, though, his exploits brought more and more people under my fold. New heroes arrived, eager to learn under his tutelage. Adventurers from every realm came to see artifacts he had discovered, or hear tales of his exploits in our massive theater. 

But fame is a two-sided blade, and while many of our followers wanted only to bask in the glory of my growing kingdom, there were others whose desires stemmed from a place of hate. Fulmar the Discourteous plagued our nearby settlements, murdering villagers and sending his minions to sow havoc. It took the better part of a year before we even found him, hidden in a cave near the kingdom. I should have waited for my other warriors to return from their epic quest, exploring the famed Mount Gorgona. Instead, I sent Phillip on ahead, armed with a powerful sword and a fancy robe. 

That was weeks ago. His death would be a sullen blow to our community. He was more than just my noble warrior, and more than just a local celebrity. He was a friend. 

Gods, what have I done?