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SDCC 2011: Burn Notice Panel

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

CC2K’s Big Ross checks in from SDCC with an update on the “Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe” (BN: TFoSA) panel.

Bruce Campbell and Burn Notice creator Matt Nix were on hand to talk about the upcoming TV movie as well as the ongoing series. Bruce in particular displayed his famous wit, charm, and sense of humor. Some quick notes from Bruce:

– Burn Notice WILL return for a sixth season.

– Evil Dead is getting remade. “Shut up about it.”

– BN: TFoSA will be set in Columbia, will show the origin of Sam’s alter-ego Chuck Finley, and will be lighter in tone than the show.


Bruce –

Q: Did you talk to any Navy Seals to prepare for the role/movie?
A: “I did two things to prepare: Jack & Shit.”

Q: Can you tell me a scandalous story from the set?
A: “Jeffrey Donovan and I spend a lot of time in that Charger. Sometimes things get out of hand. Or should I say, in hand.”


Q: Will there be a similar origin-story movie for Fiona?
A: Matt would love to do one, though that is up to Fox Studios. They will definitely get into the characters’ backstories more this season and next.