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SDCC 2011: True Blood Panel

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

CC2K’s Big Ross checks in from SDCC 2011 with a recap of HBO’s True Blood panel.

Stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgard, and others were on hand to answer questions about the show as it enters its fourth season.

This was certainly one of the biggest panels of the day, and Ballroom 20 was packed to the walls with fans. Let’s cut straight to the Q&A:

Will Eric, assuming his memories come back, remember his time with Sookie?

“Yes, no, maybe.” Revealing the answer would give too much away.

Will fans get to see the famous “Sookie/Eric shower scene” (that occurs in the books)?

It will appear in some form, though maybe not exactly as in the books, and it may be “weirder and dirtier”.

Fans got to see how Eric and Bill were made into vampires, will they see how Eric made Pam?

“Not this season, but definitely in Season 5.”

Will fans get to see Hooligans (I assume a reference to the books)?

There will definitely be a business venture that involves men & women taking their clothes off for money that will have a hidden, sinister purpose in Season 5.

When and how do you choose to diverge from the books?

The books are Sookie’s story, so the other characters don’t exist beyond Sookie’s experience. Aside from wanting to decrease the predictability, the main reason to diverge from the books is to develop interesting stories for the other characters.

Stay tuned for more from SDCC 2011!

-Big Ross