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SDCC 2012: Klasky Csupo is Back! The Creators of Rugrats Launch Their New Digital Slate

Written by: Fanboy Comics

SplaatFanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon shares the upcoming slate of projects from animation studio Klasky Csupo.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2012, leading animation studio Klasky Csupo provided Fanboy Comics with a sneak preview of their new digital slate for the upcoming year, and fans of their previous properties like Rugrats, Aaahh! Real Monsters, Rocket Power, and The Wild Thornberrys will be very excited by the eclectic group of projects.  With 20 never-before-seen pilots, a digital comic book, and a multi-platform web series, Klasky Csupo has big things in the works for fans of all ages.  Announcements regarding the digital properties and the studio’s new digital division will be shared with Comic-Con fans at the company’s 5:00 p.m. panel on Thursday.   

Many of Klasky Csupo’s heavy hitters were on hand to discuss the company’s upcoming projects, including co-founder Arlene Klasky, writer/director/producer Craig Singer (Dark Ride), Transmedia Strategist and producer Tyler Malin (Idea Farmer), actor/musician Greg Cipes (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and moderator/Digital Media and Entertainment Attorney Phil Daniels. 

Klasky Csupo Zombie BreakfastFor anyone who has driven past the Hollywood animation studio, the outside of the company has undergone some exciting, new changes, as artists spent four days painting the building’s front wall with several characters from their upcoming animated series, Splaat!  The changes to the outside of the studio gave only a glimpse of what was happening on the inside, as we quickly learned from the slate of exciting projects. 

The two projects that will undoubtedly stand out from Klasky Csupo are Splaat! and Ollie Mongo Adventures in the ApocalypseSplaat!, a multi-platform series geared towards a teenage audience, features the quips and social commentary of an animated 16-year-old urban philosopher who lives on the Internet.  Like many of the studio’s previous projects, Splaat! may be geared towards a younger audience; however, it will be loved by fans of all ages.  The character found his origin in the company’s “robot logo,” which became quite popular with fans over the years.  Voice actor Greg Cipes will be lending his talents to the title character, and fans will have the chance to see the first season of webisodes starting in the fall on Klasky Csupo’s YouTube channel.  In the interim, stay tuned to the Facebook page for lots of updates regarding the series.

The second project from the studio is a bit of a departure from their animation roots, as Ollie Mongo Adventures in the Apocalypse will be a digital comic book featuring a blue skateboarding zombie.  Co-created by Klasky and Singer, the project was derived from Singer’s long-time love of zombie films and a desire to give zombies their own names and personalities.  The premiere issue of the series will be released today for Comic-Con fans only; however, digital copies will be released on Friday through Facebook

The excitement from the Klasky Csupo team was infectious, and by the end of the preview, we could not have been more excited by these two projects.  With multiple Emmys and Kids Choice Awards under their belts, it is not hard to believe that the animation studio has quite a few surprises up their sleeves for eager fans. 

Thank you to everyone at Klasky Csupo for their generosity in sharing their upcoming projects with the FBC crew!  Be sure to stay tuned to the company’s website,, for more details regarding Splaat!, Ollie Mongo Adventures in the Apocalypse, and more of their upcoming projects.









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