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SDCC Quick Hit: Batman Zero Year Panel

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer


batmanzeroyearWriter Scott Snyder, artist Greg Capullo,  and other members of the Batman creative team were on hand to discuss the big Batman event of 2013: Zero Year.

Snyder started off with a passionate speech about why Batman is so important to him, and how seriously he is approaching a new take on Batman’s origin. Capullo remarked how different they wanted Zero Year to look and feel from the now classic Year One. Here are some highlights of their discussion.

Riddler was the perfect villain, because he is so smart. Bruce must catch up, or Gotham will be lost. He sees riddles as the highest form of warfare. Though they’re really hard to write, which is why Riddler doesn’t get used that often. –  Snyder

You’re going to get a different form of the “bat through the window” moment. You might hate it. – Snyder

If nobody hates it (their take on the origin), you haven’t done your job. – Capullo

This is rock and roll origin. Rebellious punk rock Batman. – Snyder

Batman (in the new suit) will be revealed in issue #24. Like you’ve never seen him. Modernized version of original Bob Kane design. Went through several versions. Even Bruce looks different. Batmobile will derived from dad’s car in issue #21, but then changed. Like nothing you’ve seen before. – Snyder

If I was writing the origin unconnected to continuity, this would be it. – Snyder

Time for questions!

Q: When will Joker be back?
A: Ramifications of Death of the Family will come back BIG in the future.

Q: Will Harper Row be the new Robin?
A: She wasn’t designed to be Robin.  Just to show Gotham from a poor point of view.

Q: What are the long term plans for Batman?
A: Plan to get back to small detective cases  and stories,  not just the bombastic, epic stories. Batman: Cold Cases will follow Zero Year