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Sexy Successories For 2009

Written by: Scott Wance, Special to CC2K

CC2K's Scott Wance is back with a bunch of new successories that are either sexy or barf-inducing, depending on whether you know what "Denver bucket" means. 

Editor's note: When we last heard from Scott Wance, the intrepid blogger and professional man wished Jesus a very happy birthday with his Christmas-themed "successories" – you know, those unctuous posters you see in cubicle farms or serial-killer lairs that pair a dramatic image with a couple of pithy, faux-inspirational statements? Well, Scott is back with another batch of successories that lovingly pokes fun at all kinds of lovemaking. Remember, folks: The only unusual sexual behavior is none at all. Well, that and toast-fucking. 

By the way, we'd also like to welcome all of the Google spiders that just bookmarked this site for legions of web-surfers who never thought they'd find a site like this. Enjoy!

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