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Sharp Objects recap: “Cherry”

Written by: Adriana Gomez-Weston, CC2K Staff Writer

We’re hitting the home stretch in Sharp Objects already! While the show is described as a slow burn, it flies quickly. Unfortunately there won’t be another season, so we’ll have to relish it while it lasts. Gillian Flynn’s novel doesn’t appear to lend itself to a continuing series, and the emotional impact on Amy Adams and many of the actors involved is brutal. If the conclusion of Sharp Objects ends in a way similar to Big Little Lies, there really won’t be a need for another season. Some things are perfect as they are, so why try to expand?

The latest episode- “Cherry” shows a major breakthrough in the investigation. Ann Nash’s bike is found buried beneath a pool of mud and pig excrement at the Preaker farm. Even though it’s a key piece of evidence, Adora manages to ignore Camille’s investigation and doesn’t notify her of the news. Bob Nash is brought to the scene to identify the bike. Bob is a primary suspect, but upon the discovery that the soiled bike is in fact Ann’s, all suspicions are gone. He breaks down in tears, and Adora rushes to comfort him. Was the Preaker farm the scene of the crime? Richard has employed Camille’s Wind Gap expertise, but he continues the investigation on his own. He seeks out Jackie O’Neil at the bar and tries to find out why she was in rehab. Jackie responds in a way similar to Adora, explaining that Camille is delicate.

Still reeling after the bombshell from “Closer,,” Camille continues to battle with Adora. She has every reason to leave Wind Gap, but she decides to stay to finish her story. Adora apparently has no remorse or acknowledgement of how she treated her daughter. Regardless of her feelings, she still wants to assert control over Camille. When Camille decides to do an impromptu interview, Adora becomes offended and demands to be treated as a mother and not an interview subject.

Alan Crellin is a bit of a secondary character in the series, but he makes his presence known in “Cherry.” Little is known about him or his role in Camille’s upbringing. What we notice is his enabling of Adora’s behavior. Aside from the scene in “Fix,,” it is evident that Alan has done little to contest Adora’s behavior and hasn’t been a good father figure to Camille. He argues with Camille, telling her how much she hurts Adora and makes excuses for her cruel behavior. He blames Adora’s coldness on her mother’s awfulness. He gives Camille an ultimatum: If she doesn’t stop “hurting” her mother, she has to leave. Camille’s feelings are mutual, and she agrees to leave as soon the investigation is over.

Camille returns to the house where John Keene resides in order to conduct another interview, this time with his girlfriend. While Camille is there, Amma and her friends lounging by the pool. Amma teases John, asking him to rub lotion on her. He refuses. He seems to know something is off about Amma based on the way he looks at her, a look of distrust and anger.

His peppy girlfriend, on the surface, appears to be on John’s side because of her love for him, but this episode reveals she might have some ulterior motives. Even after the release of the scathing article on Calhoun Day, Ashley is a bit too eager to talk to Camille. While interviewing her, Camille notices her statements are empty and generic. Ashley appears obsessed with keeping up appearances despite the gossip surrounding John, and wants her time in the spotlight with an interview. Camille decides to scrap the interview with Ashley, much to her disdain. Ashley, however, drops some interesting knowledge: Maybe the killer was after popularity. This revelation brings the shift from a male suspect to a female. Camille’s editor doesn’t believe a woman could be so violent, but you never know until it happens.

Camille unwillingly attends a wild party with Amma and her friends where they partake in drugs. Most of the town’s youth are there, including John and Ashley. While at the party, Camille and Amma take ecstasy. When the two return home, they rest on the front lawn and have their first intimate conversation. Amma’s psyche is unveiled, revealing how frightening she really is. She claims she acts out because she is bored in Wind Gap. She then talks to Camille about being liked:

Did girls like you growing up? I mean boys are easy. You just let them do stuff to you…When you’re letting them to do it to you, you’re really doing it to them. You have the control and they like you. It’s not the same with girls. I can get them to do what I want but they don’t like me.

Camille responds, “It’s safer to be feared than loved.”

While Camille and Marian’s relationship was cute, Camille and Amma’s relationship doesn’t settle right. The two bond after a couple episodes of butting heads, but there isn’t the same feeling that existed in the years prior. After the sisters lay down to sleep, the last shot is unsettling. Adora stands in the background, with the door cracked open, peering menacingly down on her daughters. When Amma finally falls asleep, Camille sees the reflection of Marian in the mirror. Marian whispers, “It’s not safe here for you...”

With two episodes remaining, what are we going to see next?