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Sienna Miller to Don Glasses, Black Leather Tights to Play Baroness

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: Variety

Well, the cats over at Variety don't know it, but Sienna Miller has been cast as that sex symbol we all remember from childhood, The Baroness. She's the first confirmed cast member in Paramount's upcoming action flick G.I. Joe.

Maybe I'm the only one here who felt this way, but The Baroness and her skin-tight outfits made me feel all goofy when I watched the show as a kid, although I didn't understand why at the time.

The Mummy's Stephen Sommers will direct the flick, which is set for an Aug. 7, 2009 release.

That's weird — an August release date for this one? Isn't Auguest where all the lesser summer movie releases go? You'd think Paramount would shoot for a July 4 release date for this one.