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Sneak Peek into Horror Graphic Novel: “MOON LAKE”

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

ImageArchaia Comic’s Black Label and writer/director Dan Fogler announce an original horror graphic novel anthology filled with Aliens, Freaks, and a blood thirsty bear! Here at CC2K, we are giving you a sneak preview of “Moon Lake”, which comes out this October.

Fangs, freaks and fright fill Archaia Black Label’s newly announced horror anthology, MOON LAKE, an original graphic novel hardcover coming October 2010 in association with the diversely talented writer/director Dan Fogler and his company, UNKATUSH, Inc.

MOON LAKE (oversized hardcover, full color, 112 pages, 7.25″ x 11.25″, $19.95) is a collection of short horror stories based in and around the titular, haunted body of water, which was the basis of Fogler’s independent horror movie, HYSTERICAL PSYCHO.
“The idea for the graphic novel came from wanting to expand the world of HYSTERICAL PSYCHO,” said Fogler. “The movie takes place up north at the eternally haunted region called Moon Lake. The tone of the film is like Alfred Hitchcock on acid meets EVIL DEAD, so I thought, why not do HITCHCOCK PRESENTS on acid, or TALES FROM THE CRYPT on crack, or TWILIGHT ZONE on THC…you get the picture. MOON LAKE is an anthology telling the hysterically horrific tales of Moon Lake from prehistoric times through today and into the possible future. Not all the stories are funny but they sure as hell are freaky…”
“Anyone who loves 50-foot tall zombie dinosaurs, naked women from the dawn of prehistory, horny sasquatches, secret wars on the lunar surface and learning the truth about how humans were created by aliens who spliced their DNA with the DNA of Earth monkeys, I guarantee that MOON LAKE is the one book that you absolutely cannot miss this year,” said Archaia Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy.

In this horror collection, you’ll get to read short stories about: a mass murdering cheer leader, zombie dinosaurs, a man eating bear,  an escape artist and Monsters that live on the moon. All unique stories and all drawn by talented artists. Especially Tommy Castillo of Evil Ernie and Batman and Alex Eckman-Lawn of Awakening.

Here is a sneak peak into Moon Lake.




Limited advance copies of the MOON LAKE hardcover will be available at New York Comic Con (Oct. 8-10 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, NY) and go on sale in October wherever books are sold. To pre-order a copy, use ISBN code 978-1-932386-96-7.

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