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Speed Racer Trailer Hits Internet, Fails To Go

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: Jalopnik

Whew. I've watched this one a few times to try and get a handle on it, but I can't see this working.

To be sure, it looks great. It looks like they wanted to make it look like a live-action anime, and they tapped no less than the Wachowskis to direct it. To date, The Matrix remains the best live-action anime I've ever seen, and the only one to capture the big-theme gravitas of the genre.

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But there is another whole wing to anime and manga — the batshit insane wing, which includes fare like Pokemon and Speed Racer.

This movie looks beautiful, but the acting looks way too serious — but what do I know? Maybe treating this goofy material seriously will be what it needs.

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